Cocktail/Formal wear forecast 2016/2017

July 10, 2016

Do you have a chic formal occasion coming up? Is it a wedding, school prom or a cocktail party? Fashion trends are always changing, so it’s important to keep up-to-date!

Teaming up with Envious Fashions, I have compiled the formal forecast for 2016.  See below and get ahead of the crowd with these chic and glamorous styles!

The Mermaid

This gorgeous, form fitting style is currently very popular and it’s clear why! This style hugs the body, showing off every curve until it drops at the knees revealing a stunning ‘mermaid’ tail. While many argue that this style doesn’t go with every body type, I think it all depends on height of your tail! If you’ve got an apple or a pear body shape, choose a mermaid style where the tail drops just below the hips.

mermaid red formal dress


Short and Cute

If your event is less formal or you are going for a statement heel, consider a shorter dress! There are plenty of cuts to chose from that cater to every body shape so find the one that suits you.

black prom mini dress


Bodycon Bombshell

This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you are proud of your killer curves, show them off! Don’t forget to wear proper undergarments to get the most out of your showstopper dress.

red bodycon formal


Class and Chic

If you’ve got a black tie event coming up, you might be after a classy and sophisticated gown. Channel your inner Kate Middleton, with this stunning piece from Envious Fashions! Don’t forget to keep it sexy with some stilettos and a smoky eye.

navy chic gown

A Princess Classic


It’s every girl’s dream to wear a princess dress at least once. Whether it’s a voluminous  wedding gown or a flowing dress there’s plenty of beautiful styles to chose from! If you have an opportunity to wear a gown this fancy, make sure you take it. Your inner 5-year-old will thank you!

blue princess dress

Glam Queen

Now if you’re less of a princess and more of a glam queen then a statement gown might be the thing for you! Look for anything with sequins, glitter and statement prints. Don’t forget to accessorise!

statement dress