Swimwear Guide 2016

August 13, 2016

Swimwear can be one of the most difficult pieces to purchase. Finding the right style for your figure can significantly increase your beach confidence.

The trick this summer is to be prepared! Understand your body shape and find the style to suit you. Too often I see girls trying to fit into the latest ‘it’ style rather than gain confidence in a piece that embraced their shape.

Whether you’re an hourglass, pear or athletic build see below for your perfect piece that can give you all the confidence you need this summer!


Are you curvy at the hips and smaller up top? If so, you may be a pear shape. Opt for padding or ruffles and simple bottoms.


Pear shape bikinis


Pear shape bikinis by natalia-webster featuring aviator style sunglasses


Are you an apple shape or do you need a bit of help concealing the stomach area? We’ve all been there! Too many lunch time ciders in the summer can certainly make us want to hide away the tummy. Get on the shirred swimsuit bandwagon and conceal the stylish way.


Apple shape bikinis


Apple shape bikinis by natalia-webster featuring a wide brim hat


If you are more straight up and down with muscle definition and fewer curves then you have an athletic shape. The trick here is to add volume to places you want to bring a little oomph! Try bold prints, ruffles and embellishments!

Athletic Build Bikinis


Athletic Build Bikinis by natalia-webster featuring a wide brim hat


Women with an hourglass shape are lucky to get away with most styles! The key for this shape is to highlight the curves while providing enough support and coverage. Try asymmetrical swim suits and colour blocking styles to highlight your figure. If you’re daring, try the 1980’s high-cut trend!


Curvy shape bikinis


Curvy shape bikinis by natalia-webster featuring blue glasses