5 Simple Tips For Creating A Plastic Free Kitchen

5 Simple Tips For Creating A Plastic Free Kitchen

Are you on a quest to live a more sustainable, healthy and ethical lifestyle? A good way to challenge yourself is to start by going plastic free, particularly in your kitchen. WHY ELIMINATE PLASTICS? Plastic is not only dangerous to the environment but it is harmful to human health. Toxic chemicals exude out of plastics and are commonly found in blood and tissue in nearly all of us. This can lead to a whole range of health problems. Additionally, plastic...

Clean beauty: Should you make the switch?


Did you know that on average, women use around 12 personal care products a day? What’s scarier is that studies reveal this accounts for over 168 chemicals. Every. Day. It is no wonder that the organic, natural and chemical-free beauty industry is booming. So, how is ‘clean beauty’ made and will it deliver the same results? NATURAL INGREDIENTS WITHOUT THE AD-ONS True ‘clean beauty’ products are made from natural ingredients with healing and non-toxic nutrients and minerals. They do not...

Scout Cosmetics: natural makeup meets glamour

scout organic active beauty

Ever wondered if your makeup can look good whilst hydrating and nourishing your skin? It seems like a simple idea but surprisingly not many brands effectively achieved this. Finally, I found a range called Scout Cosmetics that offers glamourous coverage and finish with all the benefits of natural skincare. Who are they? Scout Cosmetics is an Australian company that produces skin care, make up and nail polish. The brand features certified organic products, is vegan and cruelty free. Best of...