White wine pairings for summer

Want to wow your guests with amazing wine and food pairings at your next event? Well, there are a few simple concepts to understand in order to get it right. Below, I’ve highlighted my top wine pairings tips plus an easy guide to a quick summer lunch! THE SIX BASIC TASTES The easiest way to be a wine pairing connoisseur is to understand the six basic tastes of wine. These are Acid, Bitter, Fat, Spice, Salt and Sweet. Acid, bitter,...

Tonkotsu Ramen Recipe

Tonkotsu ramen recipe

Nothing says comfort like a bowl of delicious noodle soup and one of my favourites is Japanese ramen. This Tonkotsu ramen recipe is easy for beginners and uses ingredients easily available at your local supermarket. I used my Phillips Multi Cooker to speed things up but if you’ve got the time, I recommend slow cooking the broth for 12 hours. Additionally, if you don’t own a pressure cooker it can easily be tailored to stove top cooking. Top the bowl...

Best Summer Wine for Every Christmas Occasion

Best Summer Wine for Every Christmas Occasion

By now, you guys know I’m a bit of a wine enthusiast. I love wine tastings, I love learning about wines and I love to find exciting new flavours to pair with any occasion. With Christmas fast approaching there’s no better time to find great summer wines for a brunch, work Christmas party or even a meet and green with the in-laws. See my top picks below to get December sorted! OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY – GRANT BURGE SPARKLING ROSE Rich...

3 tips to entertain on a budget

Young and Co wine

Fancy staying in and having some friends over? Staying at home can often be much more social and rewarding than going out. The playlists are yours, your shoes are comfortable and you don’t have annoying guys hitting on you at the bar. While there is some organising and cooking involved, it can all be done on a budget. Here are my top three entertaining ideas that are sure to be a hit with your friends! Better yet, they won’t break the bank.

Organic wine: should you be drinking it?

Australian Organic Wine

Did you know that most recent figures show a huge rise of organic wine sales? Sure, everything ‘organic’ sounds healthy, right? But what’s really the deal with organic wine? And should we be drinking it? What is organic wine? Basically, an organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals. To keep out the bugs, pests and weeds, farmers work with nature instead of chemicals. By boosting their biodiversity the vineyard...