Organic wine: should you be drinking it?

May 15, 2019

Australian Organic Wine

Did you know that most recent figures show a huge rise of organic wine sales? Sure, everything ‘organic’ sounds healthy, right? But what’s really the deal with organic wine? And should we be drinking it?

What is organic wine?

Basically, an organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals. To keep out the bugs, pests and weeds, farmers work with nature instead of chemicals. By boosting their biodiversity the vineyard becomes a self-regulating, natural ecosystem. This essentially eliminates the need for artificial chemicals which could be damaging to health.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a big surge in organic wine sales. Retailers like BWS are reporting an 18.5% growth. While there’s no concrete proof as to why we’ve seen this rise, a good guess is the collective concern of millennials about personal health and the environment. It is anticipated that the popularity of organic wine will continue to grow as it represents a sustainable approach to winemaking.

The end of hangovers?

Finally, if you aren’t convinced yet, organic wine may potentially result in less headaches. According to research, it is the sulphites which are partly responsible for the headaches associated with hangovers. The good news is that organic wines contain 30 – 40% less sulphites than regular wines. This, however does not mean that you can drink more than the recommended amount as organic wine is still high in alcohol.

So, what are some great wines to get you started on the organic journey? Craftsman Organic is an organic wine brand focusing on environmentally friendly and mindful consumers. This leading organic wine brand produces alcoholic beverages that use only natural farming practices. Using fewer chemicals and more sustainable production practices the brand is widely available in BWS.

Craftsman Organic Shiraz 750ml RRP $18 AUD

A great wine to pair with a hearty winter meal. The wine provides notes of vanilla with dark cherry fruit and a hint of spice. The rich, smooth and lasting flavours would be perfect with a pork dish. Enjoy this delicious Shiraz with big flavours that last much longer than the initial sip.

Craftsman Organic Chardonnay 750ml RRP $18 AUD

A light yet full flavoured Chardonnay, perfect with a chicken salad or buttery scallops. Enjoy hints of stone fruit and citrus with flavours of mild toasty oak. On the palate, it’s refreshing and vibrant, a perfect wine for lunch.

So, will you make the switch to organic wine and follow the footsteps of many millennials?

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