Do’s and Don’ts of food storage

September 6, 2018

Food Storage Review Sistema Brilliance Range

Food containers and food storage is a staple in every kitchen. They’re great for storing leftovers, packing lunch for work or neatly organising food. But do you use them correctly? It’s easy to get into the habit of throwing things in, reheating or freezing food without thinking about it. So to get your storage education up to date, I’m working with Sistema and their new Brilliance Range to give you expert tips!

Reheating vs cooking

Do you know the difference between reheating your food and cooking it? Well, storage containers like the Sistema Brilliance collection are not intended for cooking but reheating. Reheating implies the maximum short term service temperature of a Brilliance™ container is 165°F/74°C followed by a cool down period. Maintaining temperatures at 165°F/74°C or higher for more than 30 seconds is considered cooking, and is outside the intended use of these products. So, if you are hoping to quickly warm something up in the microwave for longer than 30 seconds and on high temperatures, put it on a plate first to avoid damaging the plastic of your storage container.

Food Storage Review Sistema Brilliance Range

When and how to store

Just cooked a delicious dinner and have lots of left overs? Make sure you have it packed and stored within a two hour period. Doing this will ensure the longevity, freshness along with hygiene of your food. If you are storing a large amount of heated food, use a shallow container for even, rapid cooling.  Larger or deeper containers take longer to cool. My favourite is this 2 litre Brilliance container that’s perfect for stews and soups as it’s guaranteed leak-proof. Better yet, if you’re looking to use the leftovers for lunch the next day, distribute it across the 380ml packs that won’t leak in your bag!

Ditch the takeaway containers

After your Friday order of Chinese food, ditch the plastic containers. While they are great for holding leftover rice and food, they are disposable items designed for single use and are not intended for the repeated storage of food. Instead, put your leftovers in your own containers like the 920ml Brilliance range. The crystal-clear bases and lids allow you to see the contents inside. They are also stain resistance for a spotless look and feature microwave vents for safe and simple re-heating.

Food Storage Review Sistema Brilliance RangeTo freeze or not to freeze?

Freezing your food is great to maintain longevity. Always make sure you use freezer-safe containers! However not all food can be frozen. Don’t freeze salad greens and crisp raw vegetables like onions as they will become limp after freezing. Avoid freezing some dairy products like creamed cottage cheese, sour cream or heavy whipping cream as they will change texture after freezing. Also avoid overloading the freezer as it will struggle to maintain recommended freezing temperature of 0 degrees. Instead use containers like the Sistema Brilliance range that are freezer-safe, stackable, versatile and space saving.


I’ve tried and tested the Sistema range and I love their slick crystal-clear style. Their 100% leak-proof guarantee is no joke. Just checkout my Instagram ‘Food’ highlight and see just how far I pushed it! You won’t believe what happens to my packed soup.

The Sistema Brilliance containers come in 380ml 2 packs, 920 ml container and 2 litre containers. The food storage range is stackable, freezer safe, microwave safe (with the vent open) and dishwasher safe for top rack only. It is Designed and Made in New Zealand and is phthalate & BPA Free.

Food Storage Review Sistema Brilliance RangeSistema Brilliance food storage range is available at all leading supermarkets from just $6.60.

Than you Sistema for sponsoring this post.

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