4 benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

May 2, 2022

Sleep is so important. Never does it feel more important than when you are a parent, even when you are about to become one. Rest and a good sleep is key to developing a healthy baby and ensuring mum’s body is recovering from all the hard work it’s doing. When I was pregnant I found than a great pregnancy pillow did wonders! So, here are 4 benefits of using a pregnancy pillow:


Any expectant mother understands the struggles of doing simple tasks when pregnant, especially toward the later stages of pregnancy. Sleep is one that I definitely struggled with. Finding that comfortable position, whilst ensuring your baby is safe and protected can be difficult. This is why I found U-shape pillows to work best, helping me to stay in the side position throughout the night.

Enhance circulation

Did you know that sleeping on your side promotes blood circulation, and it is recommended for pregnant women? As it can feel uncomfortable due to a growing belly, alleviating some pressure with soft cushioning can really help. A pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep comfortably sideways whilst promoting the circulation of blood in the body. And like me, if you struggled with swelling to the legs and feet, a pregnancy pillow can really help by boosting blood circulation and alleviating swelling.

Pregnancy pillow
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Supporting an achy body

As body weight increases during pregnancy, it can put pressure on the hips, legs and your back. With an achy body, it can be difficult to fall asleep but rest is crucial for an expectant mother. A pregnancy pillow will provide support and comfort to the achy body parts, alleviating pressure and helping you to get a more restful sleep.

Helping you with pregnancy and beyond

If you thought that a pregnancy pillow can only be used to support your growing belly, think again! I used mine to assist with breastfeeding, tummy time for my baby and just lounging around. It is such a great multi use product and can truly help through pregnancy and beyond.


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NOTE: This article is sponsored by Pregnancy Pillow Co however all opinions are my own.

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