Makeup to make your eyes pop

August 22, 2017

Looking for a way to make your eye colour pop? Finding a shade to match your eyes for every day or evening wear can be tough! Brown, blue, green, hazel, or grey eyes – whatever you’ve got –  find your most flattering colour with this Chic on the Run eyeshadow guide:

Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye colour which means you also have the most choice! The versatility of brown eyes means that most shades work but be wary of your skin tone and complexion. While most colours will suit your eyes, keeping your skin tone in mind will avoid looking washed out. Match your brown eyes with neutral tones like beige or bronze to accentuate your features. Try Urban Decay’s Naked palette for a range of different beige and brown tones.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes = less product! Due to the striking nature of blue eyes, people rarely need a lot of product to make them pop. In fact, using subtle hints of neutral colours you can significantly accentuate this defining and striking feature. Avoid dark liners and play around with cool tones to accentuate your baby blues, or warm tones to complement them. I love the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette that features lots of stunning warm, peachy tones perfect for blue eyes.

Grey Eyes

Did you know that with certain colours you can make grey eyes look bluer or greener – or even greyer? Orange tones will bring out more blue in grey eyes, while red tones will bring out more green in grey eyes. The ColourPop Yes Please! palette comes with many gorgeous orange and red tones so you can play around with the colours that look best on your complexion. If you want to highlight the grey tones, add some charcoal, grey or sky blue shadows to really make them pop.


Dark Brown Eyes

If you have really dark brown eyes, and often a darker complexion, you might want to go for a little more pop. Using dark liners with brown and violet shades, you can bring some intensity to your already striking eyes. Try the Huda Beauty Textured Palette in Rose Gold for some intense violet, gold and brown shades.

Hazel Eyes

Similarly to Grey eyes, Hazel eyes are versatile and can change between looking more green or brown simply by using eyeshadows. To accentuate the brown, try nude, gold and neutral shades. To bring out the striking green tones use eyeshadows with pink and purple undertones. The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony® palette has some lovely shades for you to experiment with.

Green Eyes

Green eyes might be rare, but if you have them you can create a stunning look with the help of pink and purple tones. These tones can help bring out more yellow in your eyes, creating a sharp and sultry look. To help you smoulder with green tones, use copper shadows to accentuate those tropical vibes. Try the Too Faced Natural Love palette for a variety of colours to have a play with.