My travel life savers

January 16, 2017

After my incredible holiday I learnt many new things about travelling. One in particular is the best things to pack.

As we were travelling in winter, across many temperatures, packing all the essentials seemed a little daunting. From skiing Canada at -16 to bike riding in San Francisco in t-shirts the weather was all over the place! While I couldn’t predict exactly what I needed, here is a list of items that were lifesavers  during our trip.

DIY toiletries bag 


Travelling from Sydney to Vancouver, New York to Sydney required four LONG flights. All up, the journey one way took about 24 hours, excluding the two hour layover in Seoul. The best decision to get me through the journey was to pack a toiletries bag full of travel sized essentials. To create this bag I included a travel sized Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.  For my skin care, I included the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes and a day moisturizer, night creme,  face scrub, face cleanser and chia seed oil from the Goodness Try Me Kit.  It may sound like a lot but all these products (minus the facial wipes) were travel sized so they took no room at all in my carry on! Ensuring my regular oral and skin care routine continued even while I was travelling meant that I landed feeling fresh! In a way, it also saved me from the dreaded jet lag as I continued my routeing as normal and slowly got my body used to the new environment.

Modere Immune Health


I can’t explain how much these vitamins saved me! It could be coincidence but they literally stopped me from getting a full blown cold….that is until I ran out of them. As directed, I took the Modere Immune Health vitamins one week prior to going away and throughout my trip. Extreme change in temperatures, constant activity, public transport and the occasional nights out naturally weakened our immune systems, causing a cold. Feeling the cold and flue symptoms, I upped my dose of these to four tablets a day and made sure I took them at the same time every day, after breakfast. While my partner suffered a full blown cold, I managed to shake mine off only within a couple of days. Coming from someone who get’s sick BAD, for weeks at a time, this was incredible for me!

Colloidal Silver


Another natural remedy that saved my immune system was Colloidal Silver. I was a bit skeptical at first but my dad swears by it so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try! Colloidal Silver fights germs and bacteria with it’s antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and even stimulates healing. All I did was gargle a bit of the liquid right before bed. It’s safe and actually very beneficial to swallow and even heals cuts and sores. Definitely using this from now on at home and on holidays! You can purchase it at your local health food store.

Travel pillow


If you are lucky like me and sleep like a baby on any form of public transport then you should get a travel pillow. In fact, even if you don’t sleep well, these babies are bloody comfortable. Look for a bean based filling so you can mold it to your comfort. Available at travel stores, department stores and even at the airport!

Document waterproof casetravel essentials

These cases are perfect for any kind of holiday. Originally, I bought this in Thailand for my phone and money while I enjoyed a bit of canoeing and jet skiing. This time around I used it while skiing and even bike riding. It securely holds all the important items away from the elements all while comfortably attached to your body. Definitely a must have!

RFID proof handbag


I wrote about this gorgeous bag in my Christmas Gift Guide post and after actually wearing it, I can’t recommend it enough! While you can’t actually see the effects of RFID proof technology, carrying this bag around every day made me feel safe! I always prefer to carry my passport and travel documents with me everywhere I go and knowing that it’s protected gave me a piece of mind. Not only does this bag look great with everything you wear, it’s the perfect size for travelling (even going from day adventures to evening drinks at the bar!) and is extremely durable and high quality! Even after five weeks of constant wear, it still looks brand new. You can grab one here!

Kathmandu jacket


If you can fork out the dollars, these jackets are perfect for winter travel! They are waterproof and extremely light so you don’t have to worry about heavy coats. They also keep you SO warm! Me and my fiancé wore ours nearly everyday of the trip, from Canada to New York… from skiing to sightseeing. They are perfect for all kinds of wear in winter and are super comfortable. Definitely a lifesaver!