SASSOU review: Is gold skincare Japan’s best kept secret?

September 12, 2018


Did you know gold can erase signs of ageing like dark spots, dull skin and wrinkles? I reviewed new skincare line SASSOU JAPAN Goldwaver to see how it weighs up.

Gold is one of the most valued minerals in the world. It’s always been a source of beauty, wealth and glamour. For centuries, gold was used to treat many skin conditions. So now, it makes complete sense to create skincare made from gold.

Merging the Japanese skincare practices with modern technology, skincare brand SASSOU JAPAN launched their Goldwaver anti-ageing line in Australia. Using 24K gold leaf and natural plant extracts, SASSOU has created a luxurious skincare line targeting signs of ageing like dark spots, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and environmental change.

How does gold work you may ask? Well, it’s all to do with the ions. Ones found in gold are similar to the human body, creating a healing cycle of the bioelectric currents which weaken as a result of ageing. As a heat conducting metal, gold draws heat to the skin’s surface and stimulates blood flow and circulation. In turn, this mineral rejuvenates skin cells by stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity, and increasing skin cell metabolism.

Moving all this mumbo jumbo aside, my skin is left looking healthy, nourished and youthful with an incredible iridescence! The brand promises significant results within a week and I can agree!

Here’s my daily routine:
1. SASSOU Cleansing bar

My first thoughts were: “What an EXTRA bar of soap!”. After I take off my makeup with micellar water and Face Halo I lather up the facial foaming pad with the gold soap. Gently massaging for 15-30 seconds, my face feels super exfoliated. Packed with refined 24K gold and containing over 20 natural plant extracts, this cleansing bar enhances detoxification by removing dirt from the skin, improving moisture retention and enhancing radiance and glow.

2. SASSOU Essence Toner

Refine your pores and enhance skin elasticity with the Gold Shimmering Essence Toner. Instantly firming and hydrating, this toner contains 24K Japanese gold that detoxifies skin, minimises the appearance of pores and helps support the body’s natural collagen cycle. The toner contains antioxidant-rich Algae and Garlic Bulb extract to nourish and improve elasticity while the active ingredient of Pinus Sylvestris Cone targets sagging skin to define facial contours. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, the toner also hydrates the skin while combatting redness and blemishes while creating a healthy radiant glow. I apply a moderate amount to face and neck after cleansing every morning and evening.

3. SASSOU Angel’s Dew Shimmering Divine Moist

Infuse your skin with essential vitamins and minerals! The Angel’s Dew deeply hydrates skin while creating a protective barrier to combat environmental stressors. My skin looks more elastic and youthful in just one week thanks to 24K Japanese sourced gold and collagen boost. I use this morning and evening for a luminous glow without feeling oily.

4. SASSOU Eye Shiteru

Gel formula eye cream that brightens, tightens and instantly hydrates the eye area.  With illuminating properties , the Gold Eye Shiteru reduces fine lines, plumps wrinkles and reduces dark circles. The cream creates a radiant iridescence with real 24K gold as well as visibly reducing wrinkles and improves water retention thanks to a world first soluble collagen. I use this eye cream every morning and evening by massaging in circular motions around the eye area. Keep this one in the fridge for a fresh and cooling touch.

The SASSOU range is now available nationwide at The packaging is absolutely to die for and makes any bathroom feel like a 5 star hotel.  SASSOU JAPAN retails from $100 RRP and promises immediate and significant results in as little as one week.

Will you be trying the new range?

Natalia x