Must have baby products 2021

Our must have baby products

Our beautiful baby Bella is almost six months old. I can’t believe. Half a year of being parents. Half a year of our hearts bursting with joy. And half a year of lessons! Certainly, one big thing that we have learnt is that there are tools to make life as new parents a little bit easier. Baby entertainment, developmental toys and travel essentials help take a bit of pressure off mum and dad. Naturally, there’s also products that didn’t work...

My postpartum routine

My postpartum routine

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum journey is so unique to each woman. The level of wellness, emotional, physical and hormonal response vary not just from woman to woman but through each individual pregnancy. Looking after yourself, physically and emotionally, should always be a priority. This applies even after your child is born. After all, they need a healthy, happy and strong mama to look after them! Here’s what I’ve been getting up to post childbirth. Making health a priority, before...