My postpartum routine

April 11, 2021

My postpartum routine

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum journey is so unique to each woman. The level of wellness, emotional, physical and hormonal response vary not just from woman to woman but through each individual pregnancy. Looking after yourself, physically and emotionally, should always be a priority. This applies even after your child is born. After all, they need a healthy, happy and strong mama to look after them! Here’s what I’ve been getting up to post childbirth.

Making health a priority, before during and after pregnancy

I was super lucky to have a healthy pregnancy so I maintained a regular exercise regime which helped me so much. Not only did it help with my energy levels, swelling and emotional wellbeing – it set me up for a healthy postpartum period. Keeping fit throughout pregnancy made it easier to continue staying active postpartum. Cardio has been my best friend and I switched it up between cardio gym machines and outdoor walks. Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise regime!


This goes without saying but hydration is key, particularly as your body adjusts to postpartum life. If you are breastfeeding, you will find yourself especially thirsty so make sure you have a glass of water nearby. Drinking at least two litres of water a day also helps me avoid snacking on junkfood by making me feel fuller. Besides water, I also love to make a large pot of herbal tea or green tea first thing in the morning to wake myself up.

Focus on collagen

Pregnancy gifted me with beautiful skin, thick hair and strong nails. However, it’s well know that these may quickly disappear postpartum. To avoid this, I resumed my collagen intake. While collagen is safe to take during pregnancy (make sure you double check with your health practitioner!) I decided to avoid unnecessary supplements and go as natural as possible. Now, I am back to taking Edible Beauty Beauty Dew which is a delicious berry flavoured liquid elixir. Beauty Dew contains a highly bio-available form of Silica, along with Vitamin C and Zinc to encourage healthy collagen production. It has also been formulated with an extract of Black Rice and Prickly Pear, which have been shown to reduce hair loss by working on hormone imbalances. Collagen can assist your body in so many ways including boosting energy levels, improving your gut health and assist joints and muscles. The Beauty Dew is also super yummy!

Amplify my skincare

The middle of the night feeds, constant fatigue and stress that comes along with having a newborn has taken a toll on my skin. Dark circles, puffy eyes and dull skin is something that a lot of new mums can relate to. To bring back plump, hydrated skin I turned to the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Collagen range. Morning and night I apply the FirmX Collagen Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturiser that are filled with seven forms of collagen. Together, these provide immediate and long-term results and make my skin look brighter, plumper and more youthful. After application these products leave my skin extremely soft and give me a nice glow. Something that lack of sleep definitely deprived me of! The eye cream in particular has worked wonders to reduce dark circles and fine lines and make my eyes look hydrated and refreshed.

Be patient and kind to yourself

Throughout the last 9 months, my body has gone through an incredible transformation. So, it’s perfectly okay to take another 9 months to get back to the best version of myself. I think it’s super important to remind myself just how much my body has gone through. To do this, I practice gratitude everyday and remind myself just how far I’ve come. While Bella is sleeping I like to take 5-10 minutes to sit down and meditate. For me, this has been the key to healthy emotional wellbeing and physical health. Postpartum is extremely challenging and it’s important to be kind to yourself and take some time out.

What’s your best tip for a healthy postpartum period?

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Natalia x