Round 2: Summer HIIT workout

November 20, 2016

We’ve got a new Saturday tradition. Luckily for me, it helps me shape up for summer. Unlucky for my boyfriend, it involves cardio.

Once again, we ventured off to the gym and tried another fast paced workout, otherwise knows as high intensity interval training or HIIT. (See last week’s workout here!)

These intense HIIT workouts are proven to shed tons of calories in a short amount of time. Best of all, the workout keeps you alternating between exercises which keeps things interesting. Definitely beats spending your time at the gym on repetitive cardio machines.

So grab a partner, a friend or a family member and try this workout to get summer ready!

Warm-up: Do a light stretch and at least 15 minutes of cardio. This can include a jog, bike or eliptical. For an extra sweaty start, try the stair-master!


50 squats
50 kettle bell swings
50 dead ball slams
50 barbell clean and press
3 mins on rowing machine


10 burpees
15 TRX rows
15 box jumps
25 pushups
25 kettlebell swings
25 TRX rows
20 dead ball slams
10 burpees
40 walking lunges with dumbbells

Enjoy the sweat sesh and don’t forget to stretch!