Tips to beat winter blues

May 10, 2017

Now that it’s getting cold, it’s tempting to curl up on the couch, eat my favourite comfort food, and binge watch TV. But, surprise, surprise this won’t be a long term solution and certainly won’t be good for my body and mental health.

Particularly in winter, it’s very common to suffer from ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ otherwise known as SAD. This can make you feel lonely, lethargic and … well…sad! Here’s how you can combat it this winter:

  1. Get out of the house. We spend way too much time inside during winter. This means more sitting down, isolation and sinking into a mental rut. A simple change of scenery can improve your attitude to the weather. Rug up and go for a walk, take up snow sports (Canberran’s are super lucky with Perisher and Thredbo just 2 hours away!) or organise to go for a dinner with family or friends.
  2. Put on some tunes. Music has a huge impact on our emotional state. It can get into our soul and uplift our spirits. Jam out to whatever kind of music that makes you happy!
  3. Pamper your body. With the harsh winds, cold weather and overuse of heaters our skin is at it’s most vulnerable. Beat dry skin and enjoy a little R&R with a bath, exfoliating treatment and a fake tan! Tanning can bring some summer vibes back into your life and make you feel more confident. You might even leave the house as you’re looking so fab! Canberran’s should check out Malibu Spray in Evatt. I’ve previously reviewed the salon in ‘My skin care routine’ post here and I still think Stacey does an incredible job on her clients. Before you tan, don’t forget to exfoliate! If you’re after a great scrub, check out Buff & Polish. With an awesome range to choose from, these natural scrubs will leave your skin incredibly soft thanks to coconut oil and Pink Himalayan Salt. Check out the stocklist or order on their website! 
  4. Laugh. There’s a reason that videos of kittens and puppies are so popular! They make us feel better by quickly shifting our focus onto something fun, innocent, and uplifting. People who laugh often are more relaxed and happy!
  5. Clean. Yes, you read this right. Cleaning can have a huge impact on your environment. Clean the clutter, clear your mind!  Piles of paperwork, clothes and dishes can overwhelm, fatigue and affect your overall mental function. A nice, neat space can be surprisingly helpful when you’re feeling down. If you’re lacking the motivation and energy to clean, just spend five minutes tidying up to get started.
  6. Play with your pets. If you have a cat, dog or even a parrot, you already know they can be both fun and calming. When you’re feeling down, spend some extra time petting your cat or playing catch with your dog. You’ll both be happier!
  7. Treat yo self. Feeling down? Do something for you! Book in a massage, run a bubble bath or go to your favourite restaurant. Just make sure your treats are healthy and make you happier long term as well as short term!
  8. Plan a holiday! Nothing gets your mind off of your problems, like having something to look forward to. Whether it’s a weekend away or a month long getaway jump online and start searching.