The many ways to say ‘I do’

June 20, 2017

While many of you already know this, I want to formally share something really special. Next year I’m getting married to the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be more excited. While I don’t want to give away too much about our plans yet, I have been researching countless styles and themes for our wedding in May 2018. And I promise, in due course, I will be sharing every little detail and give you plenty of inspiration.

For the first post, I want to share my top five favourite wedding themes. Can you guess which one I’m going for? 😉


I couldn’t begin my countdown without starting with one of the biggest themes of 2017. Rustic-inspired details, lace, wild flowers and romantic outdoor decor. The key to achieving the perfect Boho setting is all in the detail! Think flower crowns for the bridesmaids, Persian rug ‘siting areas’, glass jars, fairy lights and wicker chairs. The best part of planning a Boho wedding is that almost everything can be found in a second hand store, garage sale or outdoors! Plan ahead and stock up on plenty of gorgeous vintage items in the months leading up to the big day. See my pics below from our Boho inspired engagement party!

Fairy tale

Walking into a dream is exactly how walking into your wedding day should be. Romance, lush pink and white flowers, bows, cushions and grandeur. Create the theme with plenty of white rose petals up the aisle, lights in the lush green trees,  garden and feature walls. Go all out and you will never forget the perfect day fit for a king and a queen. Bonus points if you organise a dove release and arrive in a decadent horse carriage.

Rose-gold romance

Having a winter wedding? Head for a rose gold and wine theme. Plenty of sparkle, deep wine hues and a touch of nude and beige tones to soften the look. This themes allows you to have plenty of fun with your bouquets, bridesmaid dresses and décor. Think dark red roses in stunning rose gold vases. A stunning wedding cake topped with gold shimmer and decadent flowers and wine-coloured bridesmaid attire to get your girls standing out in the crowd.

Turquoise paradise

Are there two less fish in the sea? Do you want to swap your heels for flip flops? Then go for a relaxed beach style wedding that’s the colour of the water that surrounds you! Tiffany’s blue may have been the in colour for 2016 but turquoise is back for 2017. Beaches, sand and lots of white florals dominate the relaxed, tropical vibe. Combine the shades of nude, teal and turquoise and decorate with seashells and palm leaves. Don’t forget quirky snacks, colourful cocktails and plenty of seafood on the menu to compliment your special day.

Multi-cultural delight

Ethnic and multicultural weddings are all about embracing culture, family, traditions and colour! Rich fabrics, beautiful fashion and jewellery is what brings these events to life. Consider decadent centerpieces, exotic flower bouquets and out of this world entertainment. Depending on the culture, you could hire performers, musicians or even fire dancers to create a night no guest will ever forget! Don’t forget about changing up the lighting to make it exotic and mysterious for the evening reception.