Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 24, 2017

Want to treat your mum this Mother’s Day? Chic on the Run has compiled a list of gift ideas to spoil her on this special celebration. Check out my top picks for pampering gifts that mum would love!

Briese Botanicals Healing Facial Masque

For a mum that loves pampering, a masque containing Australian Black Clay, designed to reduce the appearance of pores and leaves the skin purified is the perfect gift! The masque also contains anti-inflammatory properties, plenty of naturally derived Vitamin C and antioxidants to keep skin smooth, fresh and looking young. The masque is also super fun to have around for a girls night in, so why not plan a relaxing night at home with movies and pampering for her to enjoy? Additionally, Briese have an awesome Mother’s Day gift pack on sale! With a RRP of $180, get a natural scented candle, eye rescue serum, creme moisture infusion and a cosmetics bag for just $80.

ANTHEIA Fake Tan Remover Kit

If your mum loves to fake tan, I bet she doesn’t love scrubbing it off. ANTHEIA is a fantastic natural solution to remove fake tan or simply correct mistakes! This product is vegan friendly, natural and kind to your skin and the environment. How does this two step system work? All you have to do is mix the liquids together, apply the mixture to your skin and gently wipe it off after a few minutes with a muslin cloth provided. Step two restores your skin’s natural pH levels for improved tone and texture. It’s also the perfect pre-tan preparation. Spray the liquid micro peel onto towel-dried skin and start small circular movements with your hand, and then wipe or rinse off in the shower – super simple!

SMÜTHE Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a scented, natural, pampering scrub? SMÜTHE Body Scrubs help you achieve glowing, healthy skin and nothing is more important to maintain in harsh Autumn weather! These incredibly delicious smelling scrubs come in many different flavours all of which are just a dream! This includes chocolate coconut, vanilla peppermint,  coconut coffee and more! BRB… I’m going to bathe myself in chocolate, coconut goodness..

Modere Makeup

You may have already heard about my obsession with the Modere Colour Bronzer via Instagram but let’s just discuss the rest of the makeup range for one minute. It’s vegan, natural, mineral and makes the environment and your skin happy and healthy! The gorgeous collection includes everything you might ever need in your make up collection… right from gorgeous lipsticks to high coverage foundations. Check out and purchase the entire collection online!

Jacqueline Kalab Magic Foundation Brush

Crafted by Jacqueline Kalab, who’s worked with celebrities and VIP’s, the brush is created to give you a flawless base. It is super soft and feels amazing on your skin, while refusing to soak up product and saving your expensive foundation! The handle is short, so you can get nice and close to the mirror. If you want no streak coverage and air brush finish make sure you try this one out! Check out the brush online.

Zumi USB and LED Mirror

Ever wanted to check out your makeup while charging your phone? The Zumi mirror comes with an LED light, one standard mirror, one zoom mirror and a USB power bank! Perfect for a dinner out with the girls and super compact in your purse. Such a lifesaver and a gift your mum would love.