Your ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 18, 2018

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, so when it does you have to make it count. This year it’s on Sunday 13 May. Have you thought of some great gift ideas? Check out my favourite tried and tested products below!

For the home

Koch & Co is an Australian family owned business. Established in 1931, Koch has been a manufacturer & florist supplier for over 80 years. Now, their online store is an interior designer’s paradise. The site stocks a stylish range of artificial flowers, glass vases, gifts and event decoration at REALLY affordable prices. I fell in love with features in their Mother’s Day Collection and was inspired by their coffee table decor and artificial flower arrangements. I think these are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, accompanied by a gorgeous tray and vase. Check out some of my selections in the hero image of this post and see how I styled them. I love how you can fully customise every detail, or get inspiration from their catalogues. Stay tuned for a bedroom decor post coming soon with more styling tips!

For the beach lover

Does your mum love relaxing on the beach, by the pool or requires a much needed holiday? If you can’t afford to send her on one, do the next best thing and put together a lovely beach kit to get her pampered and ready for sunshine. I have discovered some amazing must-have beach products leading up to my big honeymoon trip. Seaquatix is an awesome waterproof phone carry case that allows you to store your phone or your valuables and take them with you into the surf. Cinch Face Cheat(er) Cream Moisture + Glow is an incredible face cream that reduces the appearance of pores while giving you a gorgeous glow. It also contains a number of key ingredients to fight appearance of ageing and a great prep for beach make up or something to wear with sunscreen. Finally, sunscreen is an absolute must-have at the beach.  KineSys is a fabulous long-staying, water resistance spray that’s great for the face and body. Spoil mum with a great beach kit and give her a hint that she deserves some time off!

Mothers Day gift ideas

Leoni & Vonk

Give your mum the gift of stunning freshwater pearls. Leoni & Vonk bring you sophisticated, elegant jewellery designed and created in Australia. Contemporary and modern, this Melbourne based brand creates stunning pieces that are super unique. You are sure to get a few compliments with these! In fact, I love this brand so much I’m wearing their designs for the wedding. Stay tuned!


Beauty Lover

For mums that love a bit of glamour, there’s plentiful of products to choose from. One of my favourite new finds is the PressPlay Cosmetics Kit. Perfect for mums on the go, this luxurious collection allows her to carry 7 custom products in a slick makeup case. Check out my video demo of the product! As an addition to her makeup, pick her up some Urban Beauty United brushes and makeup tools. They come in gorgeous rose gold and pink design, are super affordable (get them at Kmart!) and great quality without the shedding. For the hair, give her the gift of smooth, knot-free locks with the Dessata Detangling Brush which now comes in the Pantone Colour of the year: Ultra Violet! These brushes get rid of all knots and tangles SUPER quickly and are incredibly stylish, what a bonus! Finish the beauty pack off with a gorgeous perfume like Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro which reminds me of sun-baking in the Mediterranean with a cocktail in hand.


Take her out to tea

If you mum is the one for experiences over gifts, spend some quality time together by attending a high tea! In Canberra, I recently attended the Tipsy Tea at White Rabbit Cocktail Room and if you’re around the city I can’t recommend this place more. For just $65 per person you and your mum will be treated to a delicious cocktail, followed by 3-tiers of appetizing savoury starters. When you’re ready to move onto the sweets shout out to the friendly staff and they will treat you to another cocktail each followed by another 3-tiers of tarts, home-made cookies, salted caramel brownies, macarons and more! Arrive with an empty stomach and loose fitting pants as I guarantee you will leave happy and satisfied.

For the Healthy mum

If your mum is more into healthy living than indulging in cocktails and cakes then put together a great well being goodie box! For my wedding prep, I amped up my supplement and mineral intake to boost the immune system, get healthier hair, skin and nails, and speed up my sports recovery. On my list are Fontanella Super-Antioxidant supplements, Formula Health Collagen Beauty Boost and Greens Boost. The Fontanella Antioxidant supports general well being along with supporting the cardiovascular system and blood circulation to hands, legs and feet. I take collagen boost to strengthen my collagen levels, the glue that keeps our body, skin and connective tissues together. Taking a collagen supplement daily helps to eradicate lines and wrinkles, keeps your hair healthy and strong, helps nails, joints and muscles. Finally, my green boost smoothie is a supercharged blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that gives my body the daily nutrients it needs. It helps liver function, improves my immune system and helps to detoxify my body. Give your mum the gift of health and vitality, she’ll thank you later!

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