Cryotherapy: My bridal secret weapon

February 14, 2018

Koa Recovery

It took months to find finalise our wedding venue. Weeks to find the perfect dress. Hours to agree on a guest list. But in 3 minutes your bridal party can have an experience that will not only create fun memories but may also have lasting health benefits. Instead of spending the day at the spa, invite your bridesmaids to a Cryotherapy party! Here they will enjoy a soothing spa-like atmosphere with a frosty twist.

Koa Recovery, located in Waterloo, Sydney helps you to accelerate your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re a bride, a professional athlete or someone who’s working hard at achieving a fitness goal – Koa Recovery will help you get there faster!

Their services include float therapy, NormaTec boot compression therapy and cryotherapy. All of which are designed to heal, rejuvenate and detoxify your body. As we arrived, Shaun the founder for Koa Recovery took us for a tour. He explained the process and benefits of each treatment and the best way to approach them.

We began by relaxing on their big comfy chairs and trying out the NormaTec compression boots. The boots are created to help you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation. The compression works by pulsing on your muscles to mimic the natural blood flow and help promote movement of fluids. For a bride who’s working hard to reach her fitness goals before the big day – these are perfect to speed up the process. After having the boots on for 30 minutes my legs felt incredibly light and refreshed. They felt well rested, my muscles were renewed and I seriously felt like going for a run afterwards!

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Instead, we slipped into robe, gloves and boots and headed into the Cryo chamber! Not going to lie, I was freaking out. Who likes the thought of getting frozen to -100 degrees Celsius?

Thankfully it really wasn’t as bad as I imagined and the benefits quickly conquered the cold! As I got into the chamber I was instructed to take off the robe and stand in the capsule with just boots, gloves and bikini bottoms on. It’s important to remember that when doing cryo, no moisturisers or liquids are allowed on your skin due to possibility of frostbite. No metals or piercings are allowed either so be careful with those bikini clips!

Once the 3 minutes started counting down, I felt the mist rise from the capsule onto my face. The process felt a little like a REALLY cold spray tan. My body felt relaxed but I definitely felt getting colder and colder! As the countdown reached the last minute, my legs we shaking and I truly felt the -100 degrees. I took many, long, deep breaths to ensure I kept myself relaxed and before I knew it, it was all over!

Let me tell you – the feeling after Cryotherapy is like nothing you have felt before! It felt as if I was reborn, my body felt fresh, my inflammation was gone and my mind never felt clearer! Cryotherapy offers some amazing beauty and fitness benefits including:

  • Increasing collagen production by up to 500%
  • Decreasing cellulite
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Creating smoother, tighter skin.

Another bonus is that your body will burn approximately 800 calories in each three-minute session. Cryotherapy is the perfect addition to your self-care regime in the lead in to the big day to ensure you are looking and feeling your best. The use of Cryotherapy on a regular basis will also ensure you are optimising the results of your exercise regime.

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Next on my list is float therapy. As I had a spray tan on during my visit, I wasn’t able to try this one out but I’m excited to come back. Float therapy is the perfect way to help balance calcium levels in the body, reduce stress, balance hormones, normalize blood pressure and more! The process involves a meditative, relaxing float in 500kg of salt and magnesium. Yes – you heard that right.

Koa Recovery
Float Therapy Tank

I will definitely be making another visit to Koa Recovery for more cryo sessions leading up to the big day followed by a float.

If you want to know more check out Koa Recovery website and talk to their amazing staff.

Thank you for having us!

Natalia x