The Ultimate Butt Blaster Workout

March 15, 2017

Want to get amazing glutes? Old school leg exercises like deadlifts, squats, and lunges create awesome results. However, it’s also important to change up your routine to keep yourself motivated.

How do you get great glutes? Well, your butt is made out of muscle overlaid with body fat. It’s impossible to get a wide butt from weight training alone as muscles don’t grow sideways outside of your thighs. It’s why building the perfect butt requires dieting, cardio, weight training and stretching!

Here’s my favourite workout for building amazing glutes. Best of all, your entire body will benefit as well! Do this workout twice a week, along with plenty of healthy food, cardio and yoga to start seeing results. Don’t forget to click on each exercise to learn how to do it properly. Enjoy!


Glute Kickbacks x 10 each leg

Barbell Squats x 12

Glute Bridges x 12

Mountain Climbers x 24

Glute Kickbacks x 10 each leg

 Barbell Squats x 12

Glute Bridges x 12

Mountain Climbers x 12

1 minute break


Kettlebell Curtsy Lunge x 24 each leg

Lying Down Side Leg Kick x 10 each leg

Lunge & Press x 10 each leg

Sumo Squat with Dumbbell x 30

Glute Bridges x 10

Curtsy Lunge x 24 each leg

Sumo Squat with Dumbbell x 30

1 minute rest


Heel Sky Rise x 10 each leg

Single Leg Ballet Kick x 10 each leg

Dumbbell Low Lunge x 15 each leg

Standing Donkey Kick with Dumbbell or Cable x 15 each leg

Bulgarian Split Squats with Dumbbell x 12 each leg

Jump Squats x 30