Product of the week: CoolXChange

October 12, 2017

Do you exercise, play sport or lift weights? Then you’ve probably experienced muscle soreness! To help you recover, my product of the week is the CoolXChange 2-in-1 Compression & Cooling Gel Bandage.

When you hear the term R.I,C,E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) you probably think of an injury but did you know it’s an effective method for injury prevention as well as recovery?

CoolXChange bandage assists with healing and prevention by reducing swelling and inflammation with cooling and compression therapy. Plus – the best thing is there is no need for refrigeration… and it is reusable!

The best way to apply the bandage is to wrap gently around the injured area three times for greatest effectiveness (I did this on my ankle after pain from regular running). Adjust compression tension until comfortable but not too tight. To keep the bandage in place, hold down until it self-adheres. It is recommended that this is worn for up to two hours without any cover to ensure effective cooling.

CoolXChange Gel Bandage works immediately, and continues to provide cool therapy for up to 2 hours, dropping skin temperature by over 10 degrees celsius!

So, how does it feel?

At first, the cooling gel gave a very subtle cooling feel … nothing like sticking your foot in a bucket of ice water that’s for sure! It is very comfortable and secure. The bandage itself is not sticky or wet. It simply feels like cold, smooth jelly-like substance without the mess.

After almost two hours, my ankle felt cool (but not freezing) and compressed. I decided to take it off and see the difference it made on my skin. My ankle was noticeably cooler than the rest of my leg and the bandage did not leave any wet or sticky residue behind. Awesome!

I put the bandage back into the airtight bag it came in, added a dash of water to keep it hydrated and stored it away for next time.

Overall, I think this product should be in everyone’s gym bags and cupboards. It is such a quick and convenient way to implement the R.I.C.E method and prevent injury. It also comes in two convenient sizes of regular and large.

CoolXChange is available at all leading pharmacies and on-line.