I tried CryoSlimming and couldn’t believe the results!

March 19, 2019


Before I begin this post I would like to say that I am not into crash diets or invasive ways to lose weight. I am and always will be a believer of a healthy lifestyle, great diet and regular exercise. I reward my body with massages, yoga and cryotherapy to help heal and recover. This is how I came across Pagani Cryo T-Shock at Wellness Empowerment Collective and in particular their CryoSlimming treatment. In all honestly, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Wellness Empowerment Collective

To me, Wellness Empowerment Collective always felt like a space for healing, nurturing and relaxing. From soothing the mind in their magnesium floatation tanks, loosening the muscles with their Ka Huna massage or releasing toxins through cryotherapy. It is a destination to take control of your health, wellbeing and reconnect with your body. One of my favourite treatments is the CryoSauna which does wonders for healing joints, muscles and removing inflammation in the body (read more: Cryotherapy: My Bridal Secret Weapon and Sports Injuries: Will Cryotherapy Help?). When Ebony, founder of Wellness Empowerment Collective offered for me to trial their new Cryo T-Shock machine, and be one of the first people in Australia to do so, I couldn’t say no! In fact, I am intrigued and excited for the opportunity.Cryo T Shock Machine

How Does It Work?

Essentially, the Italian made machine offers over 50 beauty programs like CryoSlimming, CryoToning and CryoFacelift. I tried CryoSlimming which uses heat and cold to massage the fat in your body, kill the fat cells and flush them out. The treatment lasts for roughly 30 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with two minutes of heat and then a prolonged period of cold (22-26 minutes) and then back to heat for another 2-3 minutes.

The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells to create ‘apoptosis’. Apoptosis is triggered when the temperature of the fat tissue is between 12 and 17 Celsius which causes these cells to die. The cells are then naturally passed through the body’s lymphatic system and excreted through sweat and urine.

All in all, it’s a fantastic way to shift stubborn fat, cellulite, iron out loose skin or simply make your body smoother and more toned. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Is CryoSlimming safe?

While this treatment is still very new, all currently research suggests it is very safe. It is managed by a computerized system with electronic temperature sensors in the head of the device. Italian manufacturer Pagani created the Cryo T Shock machine five years ago and has sold hundreds of units throughout Europe.

What Are The Benefits?

Studies have shown that this technology naturally destroys fat cells, but as with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. For me, the results were rapid – with a noticeable tightening of my stomach directly after the treatment. Throughout two weeks the results continue to show as my body eliminates the rest of the dead cells. As with any new treatment promising incredible things without any ‘hard work’, I was skeptical. However, the before and after photos do not lie! The treatment is completely painless and simply feels like a massage.CryoSlimming

Post Treatment

Due to the body’s natural elimination processes, the treatment is recommended once every two weeks. Throughout this time, you should follow a healthy diet to help your body speed up the elimination of dead cells. I exercised 5-6 days a week, ate lots of greens and lean meats and continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle (with an occasional treat to keep myself sane!). All in all, I continued my usual routine and tried to eat a little healthier.

How Long Do The Results Last?

This completely relates to the individual! If you follow a good diet and exercise schedule, they can last you a lifetime. It’s certainly a great way to fast-track results but don’t expect them to stay around forever if you revert to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Cryo T Shock Machine

The verdict

The Cryo T-Shock machine is definitely a revolutionary device. The results and effects are completely genuine and great to kick-start your weight loss or get toned for a special event or bikini season. I would recommend CryoSlimming for anyone that has tried all the conventional methods of losing weight and simply can’t achieve the results they desire. The results do come at a cost with $549 a session. As an introductory price, Wellness Empowerment Collective is offering $449 a session as well as various packages with more savings. If you’re interested in any other services like CryoFacelift and CryoSauna, these start at just $80 a session so check out their website for full range of services.

So, what do you think? Will you be trying the new Cryo T-Shock Machine at Wellness Empowerment Collective?

To see exactly how the machine works, watch my video below!



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