Hot, Cold & Salty: a visit to Cryospa Clinics Sydney

August 22, 2018

Cryospa Clinics sydney cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has so many benefits for health, body and mind. But have you heard of Infrared Sauna, Chromotherapy and Halotherapy?

I know, I sound like a broken record. From Bridal Prep to Sports Injuries,  I covered almost every topic when it comes to cryo. However, I completely believe in this form of alternative treatment. I often recommend it to people suffering from various injuries, illnesses or just for regular health & beauty maintenance. With a huge list of sports athletes and celebrities behind the craze, I’m not the only one to be fascinated by cryotherapy.

So, when I was invited to visit the brand new Cryospa Clinics in Sydney, I jumped at the opportunity to try a variety of their treatments: Cryo, Infrared Sauna, Chlorotherapy and Halotherapy

We walked into Cryospa Clinics in Crows Nest and are immediately greeted by two knowledgeable staff Mitchell and Clarisse. They are very professional and ask us to fill out some forms which thoroughly check current and past health conditions to ensure you are safe to try their offered therapies.

Energise with cryosauna

We walk into the cryosauna room and receive gloves, slippers, robes and earmuffs. Jumping in the chamber, the experience is exhilarating as we both watch the count down of the minutes left while the temperature declines to -140.

From my feet to my neck, my body is slowly freezing. My breath is becoming visible and my fingertips under the gloves begin to tingle. The time went by quickly while I chat to Clarisse and my husband Franky.

My favourite part of the whole experience has to be the dramatic exit: a white cloud engulfs the room as the chamber door opens,  revealing a cold but satisfied patient.

The feeling of cryo is unbelievable, it wakes you up, it drains your inflammation, it gets circulation flowing all while completely relaxing every muscle.

Franky jumps in second and being new to cryo, I was hoping to see a slight bit of fear or anxiety (because surely everyone has slight anxiety about being frozen for the first time?!). But no. He smiles, talks and laughs throughout the entire 3 minutes.

Endorphins running, we are feeling chatty and ready for infrared sauna!

Detoxify & Relax in the Infrared Sauna
infrared sauna sydney

Are we ready to sweat from every pore in our body? After a cool -140 in the cryo chamber, this was surprisingly satisfying. Infrared saunas burn up to 600 calories in one session and help to detoxify the body, help with pain reduction, joints and muscle support and can even help you manage stress!

Our swimmers on, we walk into the timber build room with ambient lights and soft music. Coloured lights gently rotate in what’s called Chromotherapy. This is the science of using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that bring on health and harmony. Each colour possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.We sit back, relax and quickly start feeling the heat penetrate our bodies.

Infrared sauna works by using light to create heat, as opposed to hot air.  The light enters the body directly and heats it up quicker. I felt it was much easier to breathe in this type of sauna and the changing lights and music helped us relax.

Going from freezing to dripping in sweat was a shock to the body. I expected to feel lethargic but instead we both felt quiet weightless and mentally alert. Apart from feeling extremely thirsty (thankfully water was readily provided!) our joints, muscles and bones are feeling fantastic.

The last ten minutes of the infrared sauna is not pretty as sweat is dripping off EVERY pore like a broken tap. A cold shower jolted us back into regular temperature and we are ready for the salt room!

Regenerate in the Himalayan Salt Room

Cryospa Clinics sydney himalayan salt room halotherapyStepping in, we notice the beautiful decor with pink Himalayan salt spread across like sand, comfortable white lounges, magazines and calming lights. In the air, is the the pure Pink Himalayan Salt which holds anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. The salt room’s positive energy provides us beneficial effects against nervous tension, insomnia, difficulties in concentration and free radicals. We feel tranquil and ready to take in some positive vibes.

Calming, harmonious tones soothe our mind whilst the soft aroma therapies put our body at ease. The temperature is kept at a constant 28 degrees and alternating colours create peace. We feel a state of complete zen. while we sit in silence, read a magazine and even nap.

The air was unique. Its almost like being at the beach, except times ten. The sensation of breathing in the salty air gives a light tingling feeling in the sinus. It clears your airwaves and makes breathing feel cleansing. My skin felt extremely smooth, as if it was feeding on all the minerals in the air.

I felt fantastic and sitting there for a further 50 minutes gave me lots of energy. Many hours later, we still feel the benefits of mental alertness and energy.

That night, our sleep was amazing and we woke up wondering when we can book in another day at Cryospa Clinics!

Trying out these treatments regularly is a small price to pay for the immense benefits. From just $20 per person you can try one of these therapies with some friends and follow the footsteps of many celebrities and athletes.

Prices depend on number of attendees and these treatments are designed to be done in small groups to keep things fun. But, you can certainly have some privacy and tune out while allowing your body to rest and recover.

What do you think? Would you try cryotherapy, infrared sauna or Himalayan salt room?

x Natalia

Cryospa Clinics sydney himalayan salt room halotherapy