Hot, Cold & Salty: a visit to Cryospa Clinics Sydney

Cryospa Clinics sydney cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has so many benefits for health, body and mind. But have you heard of Infrared Sauna, Chromotherapy and Halotherapy? I know, I sound like a broken record. From Bridal Prep to Sports Injuries,  I covered almost every topic when it comes to cryo. However, I completely believe in this form of alternative treatment. I often recommend it to people suffering from various injuries, illnesses or just for regular health & beauty maintenance. With a huge list of sports athletes...

Sports Injuries: Will Cryotherapy Help?

CryoSpa Canberra

Imagine walking into an area that’s gently dimmed with blue lights, decorated in minimalist décor and leafy florae. The music is gently playing in the background at a relaxing beat and you can smell the essential oils which instantly bring you peace and serenity. You sit down to have a detox tea in your comforting robe and soft slippers. Your five scenes are ignited and you’re just about to say goodbye to all your pains and aches. Injuries are a...

Top 5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments For Brides

5 beauty treatments every bride needs to know

I am getting married in less than two months, and I’ll be honest: the stress levels are getting higher by the minute. My life hasn’t changed drastically, just 99% of my daily activities revolve around the wedding. Tougher workouts, fitting appointments, online shopping for bridesmaids, planning the honeymoon and multiple wedding beauty treatments. And when something doesn’t go right, out comes the wine and cheese which is followed by extreme guilt and more anxiety. Besides all that, it’s a wonderful...

Cryotherapy: My bridal secret weapon

Koa Recovery

It took months to find finalise our wedding venue. Weeks to find the perfect dress. Hours to agree on a guest list. But in 3 minutes your bridal party can have an experience that will not only create fun memories but may also have lasting health benefits. Instead of spending the day at the spa, invite your bridesmaids to a Cryotherapy party! Here they will enjoy a soothing spa-like atmosphere with a frosty twist. Koa Recovery, located in Waterloo, Sydney helps you to...