Top 5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments For Brides

March 14, 2018

5 beauty treatments every bride needs to know

I am getting married in less than two months, and I’ll be honest: the stress levels are getting higher by the minute. My life hasn’t changed drastically, just 99% of my daily activities revolve around the wedding. Tougher workouts, fitting appointments, online shopping for bridesmaids, planning the honeymoon and multiple wedding beauty treatments. And when something doesn’t go right, out comes the wine and cheese which is followed by extreme guilt and more anxiety.

Besides all that, it’s a wonderful time of my life.  One great thing about wedding planning is all the fun beauty treatments you suddenly become entitled to. No one can argue that you deserve ANOTHER facial, hair appointment or massage.

I’ve done a lot of research into how brides usually prepare. The extremes include chemical peels, facial injections, liposuction and other scary-sounding things that are not only really expensive, but also probably excessive. Personally, I just want to look like a dewier, slightly better version of myself on my wedding day.

In order to weed through the endless options out there, I consulted with a range of professionals and compiled the list below to help you get ready for the big day. And if you’re not getting married anytime soon, this is a great way to spoil yourself for just being a wonderful person.


Brow Feathering

One less thing a bride should worry about on her big day is her brows. Have great brows, all the time with a semi-permanent tattoo feathering! Unlike pencils, pomades and powders, your tattooed brows won’t fade or smudge throughout the day. A quick brush through with brow mascara and you’ll be ready to face the day, reducing your morning beauty routine. More time for long brunches with mamosas!

Based in Canberra, I headed to Natural Body Image for my brow tattooing after MUCH research and deliberation. Basically, this place has a fantastic portfolio of what I required: natural looking brows suitable for blondes. I booked in with Haley at NBI and the first appointment was relatively quick and simple and I saw results straight away. After about an hour of tattooing, the area was naturally a little sensitive and red but it faded quickly. I arrived home and was instructed to wash and moisturise my brows for 7 days with a packed bag of creams and rinses. After 6 weeks’ time, I’ll head back for a touch-up and perfect my brows to exactly how I like them.

The idea of tattooing such a sensitive part of your body can seem a little scary, but feather tattooing is 100% safe. I felt completely comfortable and the Haley at NBI who ensured first class precision and care throughout. Haley also spent considerable time consulting with me on my desired shape and colour. If you’re in Canberra go and get a consultation with the girls at NBI!


The best way to chill out before the big day! I’ve written about my experience doing cryotherapy earlier but this time I want to talk about the Cryofacial. Similarly to whole body cryo, a cryofacial is great to get rid of any inflammation and toxins from your face and rejuvenate the cells for glowing, radiant skin. It’s completely painless, super energising and even burns fat while you’re doing it! Here in Canberra check out the brand new Wellness Empowerment Collective for bridal packages or individual treatments. In Sydney, head to Koa Recovery.

Eyelash extensions

Forget worrying about your mascara smudging and get some falsies! If you haven’t had eyelash extensions before, I suggest road-testing lashes about 2 months before your wedding. This is exactly what I did at Browz and Beauty in Woden. Testing them out in advance gave me the opportunity to also test the in-fill after 3 weeks to see how they sit at every stage.

The initial appointment takes the longest, so allocate about an hour to sit back and relax while the professionals do their work! Price varies from about $70 for ½ set to $129 for full set. Refills are $50 and well worth it, to get another few weeks wear for your honeymoon. Once you get eyelash extensions you will become addicted! Who doesn’t love waking up gorgeous or having the perfect lashes when frolicking in the tropical waters of Thailand?

Browz and Beauty Eyelash extensions

Hair removal

The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is unwanted hair ruining her precious photographs. While many women swear by permanent hair removal treatments at salons there are multiple at-home solutions that are much more budget friendly! Check out the Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body Hair Removal System and Phillips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal System. These gadgets are painless and compact so you can pack them along on your honeymoon.

Get your hair wedding ready

Before you jump and start booking your hair dresser for the big day, it’s important that your hair is in good shape prior to the wedding. This means long-term care and a great hair and colour specialist. I started my prep 8 months in advance by finding the best of the best when it comes to blondes: Lexi Bannister.
This girl has crazy amazing reputation across Canberra and beyond and her impressive skills don’t stop at blondes. During my first appointment, she assessed my ‘situation’ (haven’t been to the hair dressers in forever and generally lazy when it comes to hair care.) She treated me to a low maintenance colour and gave me lots of tips on caring for my locks prior to my next appointment.

In February 2018 Lexi opened her own salon in Manuka Village named Lexi Bannister Hair. Her inspiration for the space came from wanting to create something beautiful and modern where clients could feel welcomed and at home during every visit. The space is open and beautifully lit with natural light filtering in through the floor to ceiling glass windows. The decor is modern boho/chic, with a touch of edge. Bookings are by appointment only via text or email. No annoying ringing phones during your visit. Amazing! For info and bookings go to

get your hair wedding ready