At home HIIT workout

November 22, 2017

Do you want to burn body fat, improve your endurance and tone your muscle without going to the gym? Then high intensity interval training or HIIT workouts may be the pick for you.

High-intensity interval training is proven to be one of the most efficient type of cardio training. I honestly love it and truly believe it’s not just another fad.

HIIT is a combination of high-intensity exercises such as mountain climbers, tuck jumps and low-intensity activities like walking or even having a rest (hell yeah!). The best part is that you do not have to train for long time to get results. Most of the routines recommended by fitness experts are about 20-50 minutes long. Another thing about HIIT is that often, gyms are not necessary and you can do most things at home using your own body weight. It’s also proven to be more effective than running and works at improving your metabolism for hours after your workout. Doesn’t get better than that, right?!

What are you waiting for? Check out one of my favourite at-home workout below and let me know what you think!

Summer HIIT – Chic on the Run

Jumping Jacks – 45 seconds
Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds
Skipping rope – 45 seconds


Burpees – 45 seconds
Fast squats – 45 seconds


Butt kicks – 45 seconds
Squat jumps – 45 seconds
Repeat x 4 times