Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas

January 24, 2017

With Valentine’s Day just three weeks away, it’s time to start planning your romantic evening! This year, forget dinner and a movie and do something unique!

Here’s seven ideas to get you started:

1. Full-service picnic and ride

Surprise your partner by packing a picnic and getting the bikes ready! It doesn’t have to be a big ride, just ride to a beautiful spot where you can cuddle up and watch the sunset. Take the extra step and pack a delicious picnic and be at their service! Pour them a drink, serve food, give a foot rub and ask them to simply relax and enjoy the night! Bonus points if you can rent a tandem bike and do all the work!

Hike and picnic at Booroomba Rocks, ACT

2. Take the movies outside

It’s summer time in Australia so enjoy the open air and take the movies outside! There’s a number of different programs running around the country, with my favourite being the Ben and Jerrys Openair cinema! This year, you can even take your pooch so make it a night to remember by bringing your furry family. On Sundays, they entertain the crowds with live music and delicious FREE ice cream.

Enjoying ‘Sundae sesh’ at Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema in Canberra

3. Double date

If you and your partner are set on going out this Valentines Day, why not make it a double date? Arrange with some close friends to go to dinner, bowling or something adventurous like rock climbing! Particularly if you’ve been together for a while, bonding with another couple can bring some new ideas into your relationship or spark a new hobby.

4. Go to a class

Learning something new together has many benefits for a relationship. Not only does it help you bond with your partner, learning a new skill (or failing at one) together can bring many laughs and interesting conversations! Try painting, dancing, pottery or cooking – even if it is just a one time only thing! Check out my review of a recent 3 Seeds Cooking Class here.

3 Seeds Cooking School Truffle Class!

5. Get a couples massage

Why strain your arms to make your partner happy when you can get someone else to do it! Book an hour-long massage session for you and your partner and relax together. Once you’re back home, you’ll feel well rested and energized for some fun later…

6. Stay in

If I’m not out exploring new places with my partner, nothing beats staying in at home and doing something together. Cook a meal, rearrange a room or do some renovations. Physical activities that require team work help to strengthen your relationship and keep that spark aflame! For some inspiration, I like to consult one of my favourite relationship books Lust at First Bite. Filled with cheeky games, naughty recipes and plenty of great ideas for date night. Best of all, it’s Australian made and written by a couple who spill their secrets to a long-lasting marriage. Buy it here.



7. Make a relationship new year resolution!

Something you can start on Valentines Day and keep up throughout the year! Make a resolution or a promise that will make your relationship stronger. Perhaps you want to spend less nights watching TV and more nights talking to your partner? Make a new rule about no phones at the dinner table? You could exercise together or simply pay more attention to helping one another. Think of something small you can do that has the potential to make a significant impact on your relationship! If you need some inspiration, check out Love SparkME! Created by a qualified relationship coach, Cathryn Mora, the website provides general dating and relationship advice and relationship strengthening programs. These programs include ‘Strengthen’, ‘Save’ and ‘Spice Up’ courses that provide daily reminders and tips to boost your relationship!

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know by commenting below!