Find your interior design style

November 16, 2016

Do you know your interior design style? At the start of any project it’s important to outline your goal in order to take the appropriate steps to achieve it. The same goes with interior design.

If you want your house or apartment to have a certain feel and express your personal aesthetic, the key is to pick a style. The list below outlines some of today’s most popular interior design styles. You can can use this list as a guide to build your own personal interior aesthetic. See the different styles below and get creative!


Steel, raw and unfinished. The Industrial look is all about being functional with your space. Starting out in commercial spaces, lofts and modern homes this style showcases neutral tones, wood and metal surfaces.industrial

Minimalist style is all about achieving simplicity, open space and cool-toned lighting. Keep your decorations to a minimum, the objective is to strip everything down to the essentials!minimalist-interior-design-small-apartment


Another great minimalist look! Gentle colours, organic materials and lots of white space. Scandinavian style is all about making your space look ‘home-ie’ and open. Commonly associated with IKEA, this style is easy to re-create!atdesign-wooden-dining-nordic-style



Contemporary interior style is also often called modern. It includes geometrical, clean-lined shapes and is often on-trend with the latest styles. Contemporary style can include colour blocking, high ceilings and bold looks.amazing-contemporary-mountain-home-interior-design



If you like Bohemian style, you might enjoy it for it’s adventure and free-spirit. Rich colours and vibrant patterns make this style eye-catching. The purposeful messy feel creates a serene and cosy space. When furnishing, look for pieces that possess ethnic or nomadic vibes.bohobohemian-interior


Farmhouse is a contemporary take to the cabin-inspired Parisian feel. Furniture can include distressed wood and upholstered linen. Use white and beige colours for a base and accentuate them with turquoise, lavender and light yellow. For inspiration, check out Pottery Barn!farmhouse-interior-design-ideas-bedroom-scandinavian-bedroom-design-ideas-white-scandinavian
farmhouse2Pleasant interior design modern farm houses with modern farmhouse interior design inspiring home ideas