Simple storage hacks to de-clutter your life

October 5, 2017

Storage – it’s the obsession no one understands until they experience it. I certainly could never comprehend how people can get so excited over plastic boxes and hidden draws until I became one of those people. I’ve literally been up past 2am carefully placing hair products into little white containers to the disgust of my fiancé. That was a Saturday night to remember.

Now that I have my new obsession under control and my cupboards are a satisfying masterpiece, I want to share my best learnt storage secrets. Read bellow for my best tips!

Organise your draws

Here is where my obsession with organising began. If you are sick of opening your draws just to rummage through all the junk and never able to find what you are looking for, buy draw organisers! I bought a few sets of white plastic containers from Big W for my dresser and bathroom draws. I separated my junk into: hair accessories, hair products, nail polish, medicinal and random. Purchase these organiser sets from any department store (I got mine for $12 for 3 containers from Big W !).

Utilise those book shelves

Done with old books? Throw them into containers and store them away. Sure – books on bookshelves can look really sophisticated but if you’re short for space, they may need to wait until you upgrade your pad. Once emptied and cleaned, I used by bookshelves as an extension of my wardrobe. Simply purchase some wicker baskets (I got mine from Kmart, starting at $10 for a small basket) and fill them with foldable items like jeans, sweaters and sports wear. This creates a neater room and gives you more space in the closet!

Get a portable coat rack

Do your coats and jackets take up all the room in your cupboard? Mine did – so I gave them their own space. This awesome portable clothes rack stores all my coats at the top level and blazers and jackets at the bottom. It even has a handy little shoe rack! Moving all bulky outerwear out of the closet can give you much more space and makes things easier to find.

Store your shoes behind a door

Do you have too many pairs of shoes for a small amount of storage space? Trust me, I understand. That’s why I invested a handy over-the-door shoe rack! These are particularly great for all your runners and sneakers which you can store away in an inconspicuous place such as the laundry or spare room. I got mine from Big W for around $15.

Show off your eye-shadow palettes & brushes

An awesome use for metal document dividers or plastic storage containers. With all that hard-earned money spent on expensive eye-shadow palettes get extra use out of them by turning them into decor! Storing them like this ensures they are always easy to find and you can always see your impressive collection. Old coffee jars can be recycled as make-up brush holders simply by half-filling them with decorating sand or stones.

Floor caddy for your make-up

For the rest of your makeup, purchase a mini floor caddy like this 3 tier one from Kmart. Either load it up with mini containers or place your foundations, bronzers and powders in each tier. Since the caddys are small, it’s easy to transport this from one room to another when getting ready!

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