A Sunday that turned into Christmas

December 6, 2016

My family has always been big in celebrating just about every event. Christmas is one of them. 

This year my boyfriend and I decided to experience white Christmas and are jetting off to Canada and USA early December. Outraged, my mother had none of it. This year Christmas was moved forward to December fourth. 

This is when an ordinary Sunday turned into Christmas Day. A turkey was roasted, ham was shaved and family and friends gathered around the table exchanging laugher and gifts. 

Ordinarily weeks go into planning the food, decorations, theme and even annual’Christmas activities’. This year it was one big rush, nonetheless just as tasteful and fulfilling. 

Whereever you are and whatever time of year it is, Christmas is always more jolly if you’re surrounded by those dear to you. 

I hope everyone enjoys December and remember that it’s not about the presents you receive, the food that you eat or the parties you attend. The greatest gift of all is the love, happiness and appreciation inside our hearts. 

Merry Christmas!