Single? Here’s 5 ways to have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2017

There are plenty of advantages of having a partner. You always have a plus one for a wedding and a date for Friday night pizza. Whilst I wouldn’t trade my partner in for anything, being single also has plenty of advantages. Making your own decisions without having to consult someone else, a never ending supply of girls nights, rom-coms and independence. If you’re single this Valentines Day, dedicate the day to the things you love. Whether it be friends, family or adventure –  claim the day and use it to empower you to be happier, stronger and more independent than ever before!

Here are my top five ideas for a great Valentine’s Day:

Have a ‘you’ day 

Do something that rewards your body for all your hard work! Wake up and start the day with Yoga to unwind and stretch out all the knots. Have a delicious breakfast and listen to your favourite music. Go for a walk and reconnect with nature at lunch and end the day with a relaxing massage, manicure and facial. Do this to reset your energy levels, to be a little selfish and to thank your body for looking after you.

Enjoy Gal-entines Day

Gaining it’s popularity in 2016, Gal-entines day is back to enjoy with your favourite gal pals. This year, host a dinner party! Craft a signature cocktail for the night, purchase some gorgeous new dinner wear from Kmart and put together the perfect playlist to set the mood. If you’re not much of a cook, grab some pre-made appetizers and canapés and host a tapas style party instead. You can also ask your friends to each bring a themed dish and offer to be in charge of the drinks and entertainment.

Surprise someone you love

Is someone in your life having a tough time? Maybe it’s a relative, a girlfriend or a co-worker? Make Valentine’s Day something special for them by sending flowers, taking them out for dinner or a cute lunch time picnic. If you’re a believer in Karma and treating others like you want to be treated, make it your mission to put a smile on someone else’s face. You never know, it might come back around when you need it most!

Learn to cook a new dish

Spend a night in and learn a new skill by cooking a foreign dish. Whether you love a particular cuisine, want to test out a new ingredient or just want some quality baking time. Cooking is a great way to relax, unwind and some even find it meditating! Get into the mood by throwing on some good tunes, opening a bottle of wine and maybe even dancing as you stir or blend your ingredients.

Spend the night with your mum

Take your mum out for a lovely dinner, a movie or stay in and cook for her to say thank you. If you live away, call her and ask her about her day. Make your mum feel special, after all, she’s always going to be your first love.

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