Gift Guide: One for the traveller

November 28, 2016

Believe it or not, it’s coming to the end of 2016. And what a year it’s been! December is the time to celebrate the highs and lows of the year by getting together with family and friends. It’s time to prepare for Christmas parties, New Year’s celebrations and travel.

Today I’ve put together the perfect Christmas Gift Guide for a traveller. Whether this is someone who travels on the regular or is saving up for a big holiday in the new year. This list has something for everyone!  And it might have you packing your bags, too…

Here are my top gift ideas for the travellers!

A Not So Young Woman Abroad

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhere do I start! This handbag is a lifesaver when it comes to travel. It’s fully RFID protected to ensure that your passport and credit cards are safe. The classic cross body design is super comfortable to carry and features many pockets to keep your stuff safe. PLUS not only does this bag make you look good, it also makes you feel good as it’s made out of vegan leather! This type of synthetics leather is cruelty-free and I urge everyone to try it out! Grab this handbag for your next adventure!


Olympus OM-D EM10

Cameras are so important for holiday of any length. Unless we are a professional photographer, most of us look for functionality, quality and something that’s super easy to use. I’m proud to say that the Olympus OMD em10 provides all this and more!  The camera is super customisable, has a great wifi setting that makes sharing photos a breeze and lots of lenses to choose from. Plus, the powerful image stabilization system is a game changer. Goodbye tripods and hello incredible, high quality pics.


IsoWhey bars and Whole Foods rangeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Staying fit on a holiday is challenging! My best tip is to pack plenty of healthy snacks to keep you away from junk food during long haul flights and travel days. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the Iso Whey Superfood Snacks. These come in a range of different formulas that have maca, cacao, kale seeds and more! A perfect, nutritious snack to keep your body functioning during a busy time!

Love Voltaire Us Apart – Julia Edelman
The Best of Dear Coquette Coquette – AnynymousOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Everyone needs a couple of great books for their long haul flights. This time around I’m reading two books that give love and relationships advice a through unique, razor sharp perspective.

Love Voltaire Us Apart, written by Julia Edelman, provides us with hilarious relationship advice from history’s greatest minds. What would Kant’s sexts look like? How would Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir break up? What would Confucius think of Tinder? I guess I’ll find out.

The Best of Dear Coquette Coquette is written by an enigmatic author about whom little is known, other than that she began by writing about LA party life, and holds down a high-ranking job whilst secretly authoring the Dear Coquette blog. She gives truthful advice on dating, love, sex, drugs and life in general.

These books are sure to give me some excitement on my long flight to Vancouver…

Modere Vitamins

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravel is fun, but it can also stress your health! Reduce your risk of getting sick by strengthening your immune system. This should be done before the trip by following a good diet and exercise routine. You can also boost it with travel vitamins!  Modere Immune Health and Probiotics are great to take three weeks before the trip and throughout your travels to stay healthy. Immune Health is a must when travelling as it assists with your first line of defence against colds and influenza. The Modere Probiotic stimulates the growth of good bacteria and minimises some of the bad bacteria’s found in water and food overseas. If you suffer from travel sickness, the Travel Essential Oil is one of the most amazing formulas out there.



Looking after your skin is soooo important while travelling! Air conditioned airplanes, sudden change of climate and exposure to harsh elements can lead to breakouts, sunburns and irritations. It’s easy to forget about our skin when we’re busy exploring a new place and who wants to carry all those products in our oh-so-valued luggage space!! This is where I thought that the Goodness Try-Me Kit was perfect for travel. This cute pack full of essential sample-sized products includes: night cream, face scrub, face cleanser, day-time moisturiser and organic chia seed oil. The gift pack is also fool-proof, telling you exactly when and how often you should apply these products. Definitely a must after a boozy night out exploring an exotic city!


Travel storage
Kate Spade accessories Kate Spade travel Accessories

Passport holders, cute shoe storage bags, document wallets and carry-on bags. Kate Spade knows how to travel in style! Shop her collection online and look chic everywhere you go.

Do you have anything you love to take on a holiday? Let me know via comment section below!