8 tips for the best Valentines Day yet

February 9, 2016

February 14, Valentines Day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship you can never seem to avoid it. This year, forget the cliché dinner plans and show your significant other that you care by doing something different. No matter if you’ve been together for a few months or married for many years, make it special and have some fun!

Flowers for him

Since you will probably receive a bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day, why not return the favor? I’m talking about the manliest of plants, the cactus. Cacti come in many varieties and are very low maintenance. Tell him to keep it at work or in his man cave to remind him of your love, which much like a cactus will live and continue to grow long after Valentines Day has gone.

A surprise romantic night in

Find a babysitter for the kids and enjoy a night for two. Set up some romantic candles, burn incense and cook a meal together. Do everything from heading out to the shops for groceries, to preparing the food. Build a romantic atmosphere with soft background music  and enjoy a few glasses of wine while spending an evening together.

Lingerie, a gift that keeps on giving

If you are new at this, start with black lace. Not only is it slimming, it will also make you look both sexy and elegant. It’s important to find a set that fits correctly so don’t pay too much attention to the sizes on the label. Try on a few different sizes to make sure everything sits comfortably in place and you look and feel confident. Heading out? Don’t hide away your lingerie but instead give a little ‘sneak peak’ under a low cut dress. Have the edges of your lace trimmed bra peek out of the top, but don’t give away too much! Want to do something extra special? Try some garter belts and stockings to spice things up.

Black lace for Valentines Day

Sweet gifts

Buy an empty jar and fill it with Valentines Day sweets, chocolates and secret notes. Include non-expiring gestures like ‘Massage’, ‘Home cooked meal of your choice’ or ‘Kiss’.  These notes can also feature some cute messages that express your love and appreciation for your partner.

Play board games at home

When was the last time you stayed in and played a board game? Instead of getting glammed up and sitting with a bunch of people you don’t know at a restaurant, sneak into your PJ’s and dig out Connect Four! Save your outing for another weekend when it’s quieter and there’s less pressure to make the night super memorable.

Get Outdoors

With this year’s V-Day falling on a Sunday, there’s no better reason to get out and get active! Pack a picnic and go out and explore. Become a tourist in your own city and go on an adventure together. Maybe you can go on a bike ride along some of your city’s most famous landmarks? Perhaps visit a museum to learn about the history? Or maybe set out on a hike and get amongst nature. Get outside and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.swimsuit-1082220_1920


A man’s equivalent to jewelry would probably be a cool watch, an activity tracking gadget or some sharp sun glasses. But if you haven’t seen him wear a watch in the past, chances are that he wouldn’t start now. Buy him something he would actually love to wear even if it is some trackies and jocks!

Valentines Day men's gift ideas


GALentines Day

Whether you’re single or taken get together with the girls and celebrate each other! Go out for breakfast, have a night in with board games and wine or go out to your favourite bar. There’s never been a better excuse to hang out with your best friend, binge watch Friends and treat each other to cute gifts. Try it out, I guarantee it will become a tradition!