5 ways to boost your creativity right now

July 24, 2017

5 ways to boost your creativity right now

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Have the creative juices hit a road block? Do you need a quick boost of creativity?  When we hit this mental block it can be frustrating and discouraging. But, never fear! Even the most creative souls get stuck in a rut – we’re all humans after all.

So instead of being frustrated at yourself, make the decision to do something creative and out of the ordinary.

Here are five creativity boosting hacks that work for me!

1. Draw something.

It is said that drawing can enhance brain function, recall and activate unique neurological pathways. This neurological process can lead to new insights and creative sparks. Drawing can come particularly useful in a brainstorming sessions with your team or working on a new solo project.

2. Switch it up.

 If you’ve been in a bit of a rut for a while now and can’t seem to escape, try shaking up your routine. Creativity flourishes when you step outside the comfort zone so take a class and learn something new! This can include dancing, painting, picking up a music instrument or simply enrolling in a course. If you don’t have time to commit to a class do something that involves movement! Blast the music and dance at home, do a bit of woodwork or bake a new dish.

3. Visit a new place.

If you can’t find time or money for a holiday simply do something new on your time off! Visit a museum, go to a scenic new place or a trendy café. New experiences allow you to rediscover how you respond to new stimuli and give your brain a boost.

4. Do something that scares you.

Nothing makes you focus your energy to one thing more than fear. Think back to the last time you did something that really challenged you. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, presenting to an audience or standing up to someone that upset you. At that moment, you concentrate on tackling your fear and getting through the challenging situation. Trump a new fear and focus your energy on the now. You’ll gain pride and flourish your creativity.

5. Step away from electronics.

A sure way to get yourself down is to look at other people’s lives through rose-coloured glasses. Social media does exactly that, people only share their highs and achievements – making you think that their lives are going according to plan. Along with turning into a robot by repetitively swiping across the Instagram feed, electronics separate you from human connection, creativity and being present. Put your phone away, have real conversations, make eye contact and re-connect!

Do you have another great tip? Let me know in the comments below!

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xxx Natalia