5 ways to boost your creativity right now

5 ways to boost your creativity right now

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Have the creative juices hit a road block? Do you need a quick boost of creativity?  When we hit this mental block it can be frustrating and discouraging. But, never fear! Even the most creative souls get stuck in a rut – we’re all humans after all. So instead of being frustrated at yourself, make the decision to do something creative and out of the ordinary. Here are five creativity boosting hacks that...

May 2017 favourites

Autumn is over. Can you believe it? It’s time to say goodbye to another month and welcome June and all it’s wintery goodness (HELLO Birthday month!!) To mark the end of the season, I decided to list some of my top finds. Everything from travel accessories to motivation tools. There’s really no theme to this favourite’s guide… just some awesome items that made me smile in May. Check them out… 🙂 Crafts Muesli When the weather starts to cool down,...