May 2017 favourites

June 8, 2017

Autumn is over. Can you believe it? It’s time to say goodbye to another month and welcome June and all it’s wintery goodness (HELLO Birthday month!!) To mark the end of the season, I decided to list some of my top finds. Everything from travel accessories to motivation tools. There’s really no theme to this favourite’s guide… just some awesome items that made me smile in May. Check them out… ūüôā

Crafts Muesli

When the weather starts to cool down, there‚Äôs nothing better than snuggling down into bed and indulging in a delicious breakfast! I’ve recently discovered the¬†Freedom Foods Crafted Blends Muesli and have been making a tonne of delicious breakfast options. This muesli tastes absolutely amazing, with SO many different flavours to choose from for different tastes. Check out one of my creations here!

The Travel Bra

Almost¬†every time I travelled I always craved¬†a couple of extra safe pockets. Whether it’s hiking in New Zealand, shopping the flee markets in Barcelona or visiting¬†temples in Cambodia it’s important to keep precious items close to heart. The Travel Bra is a fantastic invention that has numerous pockets for keys, credit cards and passports. It’s comfortable, wire free and even soft enough to sleep in.¬†I especially love the two drop pockets at the front that fit passports and other bulky items. When you’re not using these pockets, they are thin and compact enough to just tuck back in without any discomfort or bulges.¬†Perfect for backpacking, catching long haul public transport or even music festivals! Check out their website or purchase¬†one here.

Top Five Movement

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation.¬†The practice of positive thinking is powerful and can make us happier, healthier, more optimistic¬†and energetic. Now, there’s a great tool to help you kick-start those positive thoughts:¬†positive thought starters! This deck contains¬†50 thought-provoking questions¬†that help you focus on the most positive thoughts of your day, figure out what makes you happy and build a confident, constructive mindset. I keep these awesome cards on my desk at work: a place where I am most likely to feel overwhelmed or¬†stressed. Whenever I need a bit of a boost, I grab a random card that asks me a question. I won’t spoil these for you, so grab a deck and start the flow of positive thoughts and good energy. Visit their site and don’t forget to subscribe to the¬†newsletters, designed to motivate, inspire and energise your day.

Say It With Polish

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for a friend or family member? How about gifting them with their own personalised nail polish? Say It With Polish is like nothing that I’ve ever come across before. This unique brand allows you to create and customise a nail polish and it’s bottle! Pick from a huge¬†range of colours and glitters then create a custom message. You can even change the look and style of the font and design! Such an awesome idea for bridesmaids, birthdays, businesses or special occasions. Check out their awesome colour range and personalisation here.


MUD Bath and Body Mask

Now that it’s getting colder,¬†our immunity is¬†constantly being tested. Perhaps with the changing temperatures, our muscles need a bit of extra love and care? MUD¬†is a wellness bath and body mask designed to ease cold and flu symptoms while stimulating circulation to help you sweat out toxins and nasty infections. With the¬†looming cold weather, I decided to try the Immune bath soak. I bathed¬†in a bathtub for 20 minutes to reap in the benefits. You can also use it as a foot bath or apply as a body mask for a relaxing skin detox.¬†Ingredients include¬†Epsom salt to ease muscle soreness and aches,¬†Himalayan pink rock salt to cleanse and smooth the skin,¬†Bentonite clay to target toxins, ginger, orange and more!¬†See the stocklist for availability near you.

Fuel Box

Good conversations are vital to all healthy relationships.¬†They nurture and help us grow as a couple..but what should we talk about? Well, FuelBox gives you 170 carefully composed questions that address¬†challenging topics and remind us of what we appreciate about each other. All in an entertaining and humorous manner! For couples it’s perfect to take on a holiday, a romantic dinner, long road trips or at home over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Turn off the world outside and indulge in great conversation… The questions ask about your love, romance, hobbies, career, family, finances, sex and more!¬†Find out more or order yours here. While I tried the couple’s edition, FuelBox also creates conversation starters for workplaces and families. Have better conversations at family dinner or talk to your team about innovation and leadership during your next team meeting.

Dessata Hair Brush

Stop damaging your hair with regular brushes and try this amazing Dessata Australia detangling hair brush! It’s super gentle on my hair, doesn’t tug at strands with it’s awesome 440 triple height bristles. Light weight and compact I’d highly recommend it… especially to those with unruly hair. The super cute colour selection and design is such a bonus.¬†My favourite part of this brush is that it doesn’t tug when detangling and leaves my hair so shiny and smooth! See my video demo of the brush here.