Style Series: Summer Work Outfits

Get ready, it’s almost summer! Pack away the coats and monochrome ensembles and bring out the vibrant colours to flirt with beaming sunlight. If you haven’t done your spring clean yet, now is the time. De-clutter your wardrobe because summer dressing is all about comfort and easy-going style. Here are my go-to looks for the office. Monday Start your week with clarity, happiness  and creativity in yellow. Yellow has even been proven to increase mood and energy levels so it’s...

5 ways to boost your creativity right now

5 ways to boost your creativity right now

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Have the creative juices hit a road block? Do you need a quick boost of creativity?  When we hit this mental block it can be frustrating and discouraging. But, never fear! Even the most creative souls get stuck in a rut – we’re all humans after all. So instead of being frustrated at yourself, make the decision to do something creative and out of the ordinary. Here are five creativity boosting hacks that...