Why East Hotel is Canberra’s best hidden gem

This year, I welcomed the first day of summer at the cool and vibrant East Hotel in Canberra. I was lucky enough to try three of their incredible venues: Agostini’s Italian Restaurant, Joe’s Bar and Muse Restaurant situated in their comfortable and welcoming lobby. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian pizza or pasta, a drink in a cool and cosy bar, or feel inspired by amazing books over an elegant salad and a glass of Australian wine. There’s plenty of options...

My 4 best places to eat in Canberra

4 best places to eat in Canberra

“What are the best places to eat in Canberra?”. Lately, I can’t seem to keep up with the influx of trendy bars and restaurants popping up around our capital. Despite the rise plenty of new venues, the long-standing Canberra favourites keep up by releasing new menus and fun ways to dine! Due to all the excitement across the Nation’s capital, I decided to spend a few weeks visiting trendy Canberra bars and restaurants in hope of finding the best. Read on to...

FASHFEST: Behind the scenes with Eder by Anna

With FASHFEST fast approaching, I hope to shed some light on the talent that's bringing this Canberra fashion show to life.

This week, I caught up with Eder by Anna, a Sydney based fashion designer with a European inspired show on closing night. Read more to hear about her journey.