FASHFEST: Behind the scenes with Eder by Anna

September 8, 2016

With FASHFEST fast approaching, I hope to shed some light on the talent that’s bringing this Canberra fashion show to life. The Chic on the Run FASHFEST mini series will bring insight into selected designers, models and live updates straight from the runway!

This week, I caught up with Eder by Anna, a Sydney based fashion designer who’s signature style is a mix of sport lux, tailored and sophisticated pieces. Eder by Anna is walking the runway during the ‘Singularity’ finale show. Anna Smith, the European born designer behind the brand, is continually inspired by the beauty of French culture.

Read on to learn about Eden by Anna’s journey, and what it’s really like to start out in the fashion industry.


  1. How would you describe your label?

Eder by Anna is best described as being ‘conventional in a non-conventional way’. This is exemplified by incorporating traditional, sophisticated and tailored fabrics into sport lux, modern pieces with a masculine edge.  Eder by Anna’s aim is to make our customers feel empowered, confident and most importantly, comfortable.fpa_1st_ss16_339.jpg

  1. What is the inspiration behind your collection for FASHFEST?

My inspiration for this collection revolves around ‘The French Revolution’. In spite of recent destructive events in France, our seasonal collection finds beauty shining through the violence. The range carries bold and sophisticated colours representing the country of France. Classic French silhouettes and feminist idols, such as Marie Antoinette, have also heavily inspired my designs this season.5.jpeg

  1. If you could get one celebrity to represent your brand, who would it be and why?

It would have to be the one and only, Victoria Beckham. In my eyes she suits the aesthetic of Eder by Anna, which is tailored and simplistic, yet still bold and striking.

  1. What is your favourite accessory? 

My favourite accessory would have to be shoes. I love my shoes, especially on days where I can just chuck on my favourite pair of white sneakers.

  1. What is your best style tip? 

The best style tip I can give is to keep it simple and minimal. Dress for comfort, yet still look sleek. I am one for semi-tailored pieces either worn in a sporty way or offset with a bold colour or print.

Eder by Anna_1

  1. What is it like being in the fashion industry? 

Being in the fashion industry is exciting and daunting at the same time. As I am both a designer and a manufacturer, I feel as though there is pressure for me to produce amazing collections each year, which can sometimes be a challenge in itself. Hard work, organisation and passion is what I believe makes me a successful designer in this industry.

Eder by Anna NEWYORKCARD.jpgFASHFEST 2016 will run from 29 September to 1 October at the National Convention Centre. Tickets are on sale now. You can see Eder by Anna during ‘Singularity‘, closing night, Saturday 1 October, 8.30 pm.