FASHFEST: Behind the scenes with Eder by Anna

With FASHFEST fast approaching, I hope to shed some light on the talent that's bringing this Canberra fashion show to life.

This week, I caught up with Eder by Anna, a Sydney based fashion designer with a European inspired show on closing night. Read more to hear about her journey.

New Year’s fashion resolutions

With our increasingly busy lifestyles sometimes it’s easy to fall into a fashion rut by always sticking to what we know, rather than taking risks. This year, try for at least one New Year’s fashion resolution and promise yourself to take a risk and try something new. Many great trends are forecasted for 2015 (read about them here) so why not try and master one and have an incredible year of fashion! New Year’s resolution 1: Wear more hats. Hat’s...

Don’t underestimate the essentials

Hello! Welcome to the very first post on ‘Chic on the Run’. This Blog is dedicated to providing you style tips, update you on the current trends and help you style your outfits for whatever your day may bring you! This Blog is aimed at those who love to look great, love following current trends but may not necessarily have the cash to splurge on expensive designer garments, bags or accessories. Each individual has their own style and as we know there...