Don’t underestimate the essentials

November 13, 2014


Welcome to the very first post on ‘Chic on the Run’. This Blog is dedicated to providing you style tips, update you on the current trends and help you style your outfits for whatever your day may bring you! This Blog is aimed at those who love to look great, love following current trends but may not necessarily have the cash to splurge on expensive designer garments, bags or accessories.

Each individual has their own style and as we know there are many different trends, but I would like to concentrate on ‘minimalist chic’. I love this style as it helps you look effortlessly trendy and has an elegant Parisian feel. A minimalist look involves clean lines, solid colours, minimum embellishment and an overall ‘fresh’ appearance. Basics are the core foundation of this style – think plain white tee with a pair of ripped blue jeans and pointed nude stilettos. You’d be surprised how much you can dress up and dress down this type of style.

But as always, I am a girl and I love to experiment with fashion so I will venture into the unknown and share with you other current trends that are making waves around the globe.

To start off, I would like to talk about the absolute essentials everyone should have in the closet.

  1. A great blazer. 

For me, nothing ads instant chic and glam like a well-fitting blazer. In summer, throw it over a pair of denim shorts and a white tank to add that hint of professionalism. Wear it over t-shirts, beach dresses, leggings and jeans to complete any look. To start off with, I would recommend sticking to neutral colours like white, black and nude – they will literally go with almost everything! Then, get creative by experimenting with different colours – I’m almost positive I have a blazer in every shade. Be careful: it’s addictive!

  1. Plain tee’s

A staple to every minimalist fashion wardrobe. Plain t-shirts go great with jeans, trousers, tucked loosely into a pencil skirt or with some denim shorts. The list is endless and you can create many different styles. I personally love the loose fitting v-neck tee’s that accentuate your chest so you don’t feel too boyish in a plain t-shirt. Find what cut best suits you and stock up on a bunch of basic colours!

  1. Simple stilettos 

Sure, glittered and patterned heels are super glam: but for me, nothing beats a simple, nude pump! This style covers you for every season and nearly every occasion. Whether your going to work, drinks with the girls, a date or a casual day shopping – plain stilettos never go out of style. Grab them in nude and black, in the style of your choice (I love the pointed toe look as it elongates your legs!).

  1. Go-to accessories

The one great thing about a ‘minimal’ look is that it’s so easy to dress up or down just by choosing the right accessories. With solid colours as your building block for an outfit you have plenty to play with when it comes to all that bling! I love embellishing an outfit with gold jewellery as I feel it brings out the gold tones in my skin and hair.

We all get easily over-excited over shiny things so stick to accentuating one area at a time. If I decide to wear big earrings I avoid wearing a necklace. Instead, opt for a gorgeous statement watch and rings to top off your outfit.