Between seasons: staple pieces for indecisive weather

August 21, 2015

Prepping for the warmer weather can be challenging with knits and layers dominating your wardrobe. Instead of jumping straight in to de-clutter your wardrobe, think twice about what you might pack away for next winter season. In Australia, particularly in tricky weather capitals such as Canberra and Melbourne, the seasons can change in a blink of an eye so its wise to keep a few cardi’s to throw on for those cool changes. Layers are still your best choice as you can add or remove items of clothing based on the temperature indoors and outdoors, though its best to keep them light as the median temperature is increasing. Have the upper hand in this whirlwind weather by holding onto some key items and rocking your best autumn look.


Chunky scarves are slowly getting phased out while prints, tassels and lighter knits are coming in. Embrace the sunshine by layering light-catching colours and fabrics. There are many ways to rock a scarf so try different knots and experiment! You never know what you might find looks fab with your outfit.

scarf 3
scarf 2
scarf 1

Light sweaters and cardigans

One of the best multi-use items has got to be the cardigan and the sweater. These warm yet versatile staples can be layered over dresses for a casual look or even thrown on after a workout to head out for a quick grocery shop. Cardigans are the perfect layering piece and they come in a range of styles including cropped, sleeveless, full length and draped. For the day time, it’s easy to take it off and swing it over your hand bag and throw it back on for the cooler change at night time.

cropped cardigan
white cardigan
Gym look: white sweater

Bikie Jacket

Whether you’re a rock chick or not, leather jackets have taken over the streets in a very cool and modern appeal. This versatile staple is not only there to keep you sheltered from spring’s cool winds but can also take your outfit to the next level, adding a bit of edge and chic. Create a modern juxtaposition between soft and edgy by layering your leather jacket over a draped spring day-dress. Take the jacket from day to night by pairing it with a chic all black ensemble.

leather jacket evening look
leather jacket look

Trench A trench coat is evening’s finest cover-up and a must have for those tricky seasons. A classic beige trench can be worn day or night and is quite versatile with its look. Wear the trench slightly opened to show the gorgeous outfit underneath for a polished look.

Trench evening look
Trench coat: corporate style

Hat Shield yourself from the bright spring sun, forget about bad hair days and look ultra-cool by throwing on a hat. There are heaps of styles to choose from to cater every tastes including panama hats, floppy hat, fedora and wide brimmed. After a workout you can also chuck on a baseball hat to hide than untamed mane while you run some errands.

Floppy hat: day time look

Floppy hat: day time look by natalia-webster featuring Jennifer Ouellette
Hat: day time look
Hat: day time look by natalia-webster featuring ankle strap shoes