Step up your jewellery game with this unique Christmas gift idea

December 1, 2020

My Jewellery Story Mix Collection.

I can’t believe we are already in December! Where did the year go? Now that’s it’s almost Christmas it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. Recently, I stumbled upon a new, unique jewellery release from a brand that I’ve loved for many years. The Mix Collection by My Jewellery Story is the perfect combination of style and individuality.

My Jewellery Story

Before I get into their new collection, I’d like to introduce you to My Jewellery Story. Those who have followed me from the beginning will remember me raving about this brand as far as five years ago! My Jewellery Story design unique, affordable and hypoallergenic jewellery right here in Australia. They have amazing customer service and even offer a 100 days returns policy that is completely free with no questions asked.

My Jewellery Story Mix Collection

The concept of the Mix Collection is to allow you to mix and match your earrings and charms. First, select from a range of Mix Carriers in various shapes, sizes and colours. This includes silver, gold or rose gold hoops to suits many styles and personas.

My Jewellery Story Mix Collection.
Gold and Rose Gold Carriers.

Next, bring in some bling and individuality to your earrings with mix and match charms. These come in a huge range of colours from emerald, pastel pink, turquoise green or rustic bohemian. I totally adore this concept and for the first time we can bring in our own individuality and style to our earrings.

My Jewellery Story Mix Collection.
Golden Sunset and Rustic Bohemian Charms.

For me, it was love at first sight with the Rustic Bohemian collection. I chose a range of hoops in gold and rose gold and paired them with Rustic Bohemian and Golden Sunset charms. How stunning would they look with a flowy summer dress!? In addition, the customisable detail allow these earrings to be easily turned to more corporate or formal looks.

Best of all, these charms start at just $19.95 and Mix Carriers start at $16.95 – a unique and affordable way to spoil someone this Christmas.

My Jewellery Story Mix Collection.
My Jewellery Story Mix Collection.

So, what do you think about this new and unique collection from My Jewellery Story? Which style is your favourite? The Mix Collection is available online now.

Thank you My Jewellery Story for sponsoring this blog post.

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