Lil and Emm talk fashion, friendship and Fashfest

September 21, 2017

Designers Sheree and Emma from Lil and Emm have endured the ups and downs of launching a swimwear line in Australia. But it was all worth it. The besties went to showcase their amazing swimwear collection at New York Fashion Week in 2016. Now, Canberra is treated to a brand new lingerie collection by the two Aussies which is revealed at Fashfest as part of the Miss Winks collection (read my interview with Miss Winks here!).  The lingerie collection is already available online and still boasts the same Lil and Emm charms: sexy, romantic and chic.

Eager to hear more, I chatted to the girls and found out a little more about New York Fashion Week, being in business with your best friend and mood boards! Read on:

What do you look to for inspiration when creating your pieces?

We start with a mood board that is full of inspiration collected from all over the place which is then developed and fine tuned into a concept for the collection. When we design we are inspired by the modern woman – sexy, strong, stylish and a little bit cheeky. Living in Australia we are very lucky as fashion here is so exciting and you have a lot of freedom!

You’re killing it at both swimwear and lingerie. What’s your favourite style to design?

Thank you! We love designing both so much. We do love a good one piece in swimwear or intimates. It’s a classic and we love to put a modern twist on it – the options are endless.

How did it feel going to New York Fashion Week?

It was truly a dream come true and a real “pinch me” moment but at the same time we felt so comfortable and ready for it! I think when you do what you truly love and reach a pivotal moment like that it is so rewarding and you really feel like it’s what you are meant to be doing. It was the quickest most adrenaline-packed week of our life so far that’s for sure.

Are there any challenges being in business with your best friend? How do you overcome it?

I wouldn’t say challenges because of each other as we are lucky enough have a really strong and honest friendship! I’d say we meet more challenges together instead of with each other. With our amazing lifestyle comes an incredible work commitment we have to our label.  Through ups, downs, challenging times when we feel like giving up we are always there 100% for each other. If you are partnered up with someone you are able to be brutally honest with, someone as dedicated as you are and someone who you can still have a laugh with no matter the situation or how long the day has been you should be sweet!

Given it’s not your first stint at runway, what advice to you give to models and other designers?

Own it and stay true to your style! Stay focused on what you’re doing and not everyone else or you will end up unprepared. You only get one chance on the runway so make sure you are ready a few days beforehand to avoid unwanted stress on show day, oh and make sure you celebrate with a well-deserved champagne afterwards!

Lil and Emm will showcase their collection at Fashfest, Canberra’s biggest red carpet event. See them part of the Miss Winks Boutique show on Saturday 30 September. Get your tickets here!