Femme Luxe Clothing Review: Is it worth the money?

March 26, 2019


Are you looking for a new budget online shopping destination? Last week, I received an order from FemmeLuxe Finery and honestly, I would have never thought to check this site. When FemmeLuxe approached me for a collaboration I scrolled through their looks and they had major Instagram girl vibes. So I thought, hey – why not, it’s probably quiet fitting giving what I do.

FemmeLuxe: Who are they?

FemmeLuxe describe themselves as ‘current, classy and forward thinking’. They bring outfits to attract attention, give you the perfect outfit for a special occasion or simply chill at home in comfort. Their goal is to ‘deliver the biggest trends at the most affordable prices’ and they upload new styles weekly. Personally, their vibe to me is made for Instagram! If you’re ever scrolling through your feed and see a statement-making or outrageous outfit, you’ll probably find it online at FemmeLuxe. The website has a huge range and while it’s based in the UK, the shipping took a little over a week. The prices are super affordable and the garments had me intrigued to see how they weight up in real life. Here’s what I picked out:

Black Off-Shoulder Loungewear Set

Matching sets and co-ords are completely on trend right now. Given my upcoming trip to Japan, I thought there is nothing better than a relaxing loungewear set to wear at the airport. I am completely in love with how it looks on the model and went for the safe all black matching combo to avoid my unavoidable stains and spills.

Opening the parcel I am impressed with the elegant individual packaging. However, my inner environmentalist is crying inside … but that’s a different story. Pulling the set out of the packaging I was instantly impressed with the soft, high quality material. I picked the medium/large size as I like the oversized look. To be honest, the sizing was a little small and while I like the fit – it’s a small make. For the price and quality this loungewear set is a steal! I can’t wait to test out the comfort levels on a long-haul flight but so far, so good. Price: $26.99 (On sale for $17.99). Size: M/L.


Stone Animal Crocodile Cigarette Trousers

Next, I thought I’d pick something versatile I could wear to work and then down to the bar for some cocktails. I scrolled through their huge range of trousers and couldn’t take my eyes off these Stone Animal Crocodile Cigarette Trousers. They are just so unique and the pattern is amazing. Major Kim Kardashian vibes! In real life, the material is even more glossy with a gloss over each crocodile ‘spot’ and a soft feel to the fabric. I’m super impressed with these, the size was perfect. I can definitely see myself wearing these to work, dinner or for some drinks at a bar. Price: $37.99 (On sale for $26.99). Size: 12.


Lime Bandeau Split Leg Ruched Mesh Maxi Dress

This dress was one of the first items that jumped out at me. I love the lime and yellow trend (yellow is my favourite colour!) and nothing beats a sexy bandeau mesh dress. Unlike all the other pieces, the size is not quiet right. It’s safe to say I am pretty disappointed! While the material is soft and good quality for the price, the dress was just too large and doesn’t give the same effect as when the model wears it. I think if it was a size 8 or 10 and gave that fitted, curvy vibe it would be perfect. You can’t win them all! Price: $81.78 (55% OFF – $37.17). Size: 12.


Red Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Keeping up with the Instagram-girl vibes I felt that I needed a sexy, statement jumpsuit. This Red Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit is exactly what I was looking for! How boss does it look?! Again, I picked a size up just to be on the safe side. Lucky I did as this is a small make and definitely could be a little larger. Regardless, I am completely obsessed!! The material is thick enough not to show too much and the red is stunning. If you need to feel sexy and confident this red power suit will do you no wrong! It’s a complete steal with the price. I will definitely wear this to an event in the future. Price: $70.62 (50% OFF – $35.31). Size: 12.


Overall, I am pretty impressed with FemmeLuxe Finery and for the price, the quality is very impressive. The sizing can be a little off but this goes for nearly any online clothing store. Luckily, they do offer exchange if the item doesn’t fit but you may need to wait a little while given the store is based in the UK.

I would certainly consider looking online at this site next time I need a new wardrobe update or an outfit for a special event.

So, what do you guys think? Have you heard of this site before?

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Natalia x