Get it, shorty

November 16, 2014

Now that it is getting warmer (in the Southern Hemisphere at least) we are beginning to unveil our summer clothes and packing away the chunky winter knits.
Doing this myself recently I stumbled upon quite a few skorts that I collected at the end of the last summer season.

If you don’t know, skorts are a combination of a skirt and a pair of shorts. Most of them appear to look like skirts but provide the comfort and the freedom of shorts. If you have great legs and love to show them off then you would absolutely love these summer treasures!

Skorts are easy to style and are quite versatile. Most skorts already provide a dressy feel so pair it with a casual t-shirt or singlet for an effortless, glam look.

They are also very easy to wear on a night out, just pair the skort with a dressy blouse and some gorgeous heels and you are off dancing the night away without worrying about accidentally exposing too much.

Try one out this summer!

skorts by natalia-webster featuring a white golf skirt