FASHFEST: Model Behaviour

September 27, 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a runway model? Ashleigh Wilson is one to watch at this year’s FASHFEST. Walking for three incredible designers and with plenty of photographic experience behind her, Ash is a rising star in Canberra.

I caught up with her to discuss beauty tips, shoes and fashion!

1. Who are you modelling for at FASHFEST?

This year I am so lucky to showcase some inspiring pieces from incredibly talented designers! I will be modelling for Sovata – during the Reverie show, Megan CanningsLimina show and Stephanie’s Boutique LingerieSingularity show.


2. What are you looking forward to most at the event?

Showcasing a new film! A couple of weeks ago I worked on a short film for the opening show Reverie. Filming was so much fun and something totally out of my comfort zone so can’t wait to see how it turns out! This is my first Fashfest so I’m really excited for the overall experience!


3. What’s the best tip you received from makeup artists?

Best tip would have to be to spray hairspray onto a clean, disposable mascara wand and brush through brows to hold them in place. Also, line the top of your false eyelashes in the packaging before you put them on, so you don’t have to afterwards.


4. What’s the best tip you received from stylists?

Invest in quality core pieces for your wardrobe that you can match with other items. You don’t need lots of clothes to have style! And the right accessories help to finish off an outfit and make it look polished.13217567_10153676053346342_2638358313618209066_o

5. What’s your favourite accessory?

Would definitely have to be my black heeled ankle boots, I wear them with literally everything.

FASHFEST is Canberra’s most glamorous, red carpet fashion event of the year. This year, it is a three day experience running six unique shows. FASHFEST 2016 will run from 29 September to 1 October at the National Convention Centre. Tickets are on sale now.