3 Day Breakfast + Lunch Meal Prep

February 7, 2017

If you’ve ever thought about starting to meal prep, there’s never been a better time than now!

For the longest time – and I’m not even going to mention how long because it’s super embarrassing –  I’ve eaten the same old salad for lunch. For breakfast, I stuck to oats. I thought I was healthy but I never saw results. I felt bloated and never truely satisfied after a meal, often reaching for unhealthy snacks.

In the last few weeks I started to do a little more research. I came up with a meal plan that is low carb, full of nutrients and gave me good food, more often. In other words, in stead of having two meals at work I now have three smaller meals and bring a daily portion of healthy snacks for in between.

So, what do I cook on Sundays? Watch the video and see the full ingredients list further down below. I understand this diet won’t work for everyone, but so far it’s making me feel great and I even look forward to my delicious meals. 🙂



Meal 1: Breakfast frittata
Ingredients: 5 eggs (or egg whites), rainbow salad mix, spinach and herbs/spices of your choice

Meal 2: Salmon, green beans, sweet potato and spinach
Ingredients: Rapeseed chilli oil by Amfora Liquids, herbs/spices of your choice, 100g salmon slice, handfuls of green beans (ends cut off), cubed sweet potato, onion, garlic, mushrooms and spinach

Meal 3: Zuccini Parmigiana and broccoli
Ingredients: 2 whole zucchinis (sliced in halves), 1 egg, quinoa flakes, sesame seeds, tomato paste, cheese of your choice and herbs/spices of your choice

Snacks: Fruit, almonds

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