Christmas food guide: starters, snacks and storage

December 14, 2017

Christmas time to me means family gatherings, food, good wine and great conversations. When it comes to food, the classics like cold ham, freshly roasted turkey and seafood will always be part of our table. There is of course always room for something new! Here, I put together a guide on great foodie finds, snacks and storage. Everything from breakfast options to leftovers storage solutions that will make Christmas time even better!

The Musli

The ultimate start to a busy day!  High in protein and virtually no sugar, The Musli is a  premium, all natural breakfast choice. A mix of 50% nuts and 50% seeds, oats and coconut this musli has zero hidden nastys! Better yet, this Christmas they are donating 500 gram packs to OzHarvest for every one purchased! Get online and make a difference for yourself and the lives of others. While you’re there, check out my favourite recipe the Creamy Green Smoothie Bowl that’s a perfect start to your Christmas Day! The Musli is available in standard and gluten-free formulas.

Bean Bar You Chocolate Subscription

You may have seen me rave about this on my Instagram. Bean Bar You is Australia’s first independent chocolate subscription service, sourcing the world’s best chocolates and deliver them to your door. Receive 4 full-size bars from around the world delivered every month. I’ve received delicious chocolate from San Francisco, Vietnam, Australia & Austria and they were absolutely divine! Whether you would like to consider this as a Christmas gift idea or order some for the season, I highly recommend trying this service. Available in dark, milk, mixed and vegan chocolate.

Bear Brewing Sauce

This Aussie range of handcrafted, fermented sauces are full of fresh, natural ingredients and big flavours. The fermentation process boosts the vitamins, minerals and probiotics, while naturally preserving the sauce, making every squeeze good for your gut and mouth! Every bottle is free of vinegar, refined sugar, and artificial additives. Since discovering this awesome range, I seriously don’t think I’ll go back to having anything else on my meals. The sauces are available online and come in a milder Picnic Sauce (just capsicums, water, time & salt), Kimchi Sauce, Mustardkraut, Spicy BBQ, Hot Sauce (my personal favourite!) and Reaper Sauce. All with their own unique kick, head online and try them out for yourself.

Cookie Doh Co.

Do you miss eating raw cookie dough like you did as a kid? Well Cookie Doh Co. brought your childhood dreams back to life with safe, edible cookie dough! These come in delicious flavours like Cookies & Cream, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Apple & Cinnamon, Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Chip for just $8.90 a tub. I can’t think of a better way to surprise your guests, especially kids, this Christmas. So many possibilities for fun recipes… or just eat it on it’s own!

Majans Bhuja Snacks

The perfect party starters you’ve probably already seen around the supermarkets. If you’re looking for some aromatic spices in a mix of wholesome crunchy nibbles, garden peas, peanuts and juicy sultanas you’d love the Bhuja snacks. I’m loving their new kangaroo peanuts range which includes chipotle style crispy nuts dipped in crispy batter with chipotle mayonnaise. Yum! Great decor for your Christmas charcuterie board or to go along with your beers and ciders.

FoodSaver by Sunbeam

Do you struggle with too many Christmas leftovers? Keep the ham, turkey or salads fresh in your fridge for longer with the Sunbeam FoodSaver vacuum sealer. This awesome money-saving product removes the fresh air to vacuum seal the freshness of foods stored in the fridge or pantry. Removing air can also prevent the growth of microorganisms, which can cause problems in food. This clever device reduces food wastage and grocery bill by keeping food fresh up to twice as long. My favourite part (besides the yummy leftovers) is how easy it is to use. Simply place the food inside the FoodSaver bag or container, lock it in place and press start. Once the vacuum process is complete the machine will turn off and you are ready to put your food in the fridge! It only works with designates FoodSaver containers and bags which you can purchase at most large department stores.