Summer 2017 Wine Guide

December 12, 2017

Christmas time is all about spending time with family, summer barbeques and great conversations over a refreshing drink. We all have our preference when it comes to wine. Until recently I stuck to my reds – a good Shiraz in the afternoon never went astray. Slowly I expanded my horizons and discovered delicious white wine and Rosé … perfect to kick off the summer season.

To become a true wine connoisseur, it’s important to try many varieties! What we don’t need is an afternoon wading through the aisles of alcohol stores. While there are lots of fantastic options in store, a little guidance always helps. Thanks to the good people at Dan Murphy’s and BWS I have compiled a guide perfect to kick start your Christmas festivities.



Craftsman’s Style Series Zesty and Crisp Riesling – RRP $15.00 available at BWS.

If you’re interested in sticking with a white but are looking for something slightly sweeter, Craftsman’s Style Series Zesty and Crisp Riesling will be a crowd pleaser. As the name suggests, this wine is a full of fruity flavours such as freshly cut granny smith apples on the nose with a hint of citrus on the palate. Sourced from Clare Valley in South Australia, this wine is suitable for drinking immediately or even with a little ageing.

Cat Amongst the Pigeons’ Pinot Grigio –  RRP $20.00 available at BWS

For those who wish to stay close to traditional summer beverages, Cat Amongst the Pigeons’ Pinot Grigio is an award-winning wine that combines aromas of pear and stone fruits with touches of white peach from Barossa yielded grapes. A beautifully balanced wine, this Pinot Grigio is perfectly served chilled with light dishes ideal for the heat.


La Plancheliére Sparkling Rosé NV- RRP $16.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS

As the sun starts to shine and festive invites pile up, be the perfect guest on every summer occasion by arriving with a bottle or two of La Plancheliére Rosé. This delightfully French wine features notes of strawberries, raspberries and fresh cherries. Its fresh fruit flavours on the palate and crisp finish will be a sure crowd pleaser.

Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Roses Rosé Rosés – RRP $26.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS

A wine style that makes for perfect summer drinking and a stunning stocking stuffer. The Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Roses Rosé is a showstopper. Not only is the bottom of the bottle shaped as a rose with a crystal cork, the taste lives up to expectations with its floral rose notes and hints of grapefruit. It was even crowned for ‘Best Rosé in the world’ in 2015, proving the perfect pick for summer sipping.


South Island’s Pinot Noir – RRP $16.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that reds are out of the question. Pinot is renowned for its lighter characteristics, therefore a popular option for a summer red. South Island’s Pinot Noir is my favourite choice with its delicious and vibrant cherry red fruits, slight tannins and clean, medium body. Make sure not to serve too warm, or fear the loss of the delightful summer fruits and subtle oak.

2016 Craftman Reserve Kym Teusner Shiraz – RRP $25.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

When preparing the big Christmas feast, make sure your menu is complete with matching wine. The 2016 Craftsman Reserve Kym Teusner Shiraz is the perfect partner to your roast lamb or pork feast. Featuring notes of plum and spice, its palate is firm with well-rounded structure and an elegant finish.

2015 Cat Amongst The Pigeons Fat Cat Shiraz – RRP $29.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS. 

I recently discovered this red at a family BBQ and had to write down the name! The carefully selected grapes chosen for their superior quality results in the ultimate Barossa Shiraz full of intense rich flavours of plum, blackberry and a hint of spice. Just the way I like it! Housed in an impressive art deco inspired giftbox for Christmas, the 2015 Cat Amongst the Pigeons Fat Cat Shiraz is the perfect last minute gift to grab on the go.


2008 Victoria Gold Vintage Champagne- RRP $99.99 – Available at Dan Murphy’s.

Add a WOW factor to your Christmas lunch with a centerpiece that is the talk of the table with a bottle of Victoire Gold Vintage Champagne. Encased in a striking metallic gold bottle, it is sure to be a showstopper.

Lanson Black Label Champagne with Music Box – RRP $40.00 available at Dan Murphy’s

Great gift idea and perfect party starter. The Lanson Music Box amplifies the sound of your phone when you put it on top thanks to an innovative resonance system. After ageing for a minimum of 3 years in the cellars, Lanson Black Label is harmonious and fully matured. The nose reveals springtime aromas as well as some subtle toasty and honey notes. On the palate, the bouquet of ripe fruits and citrus give the wine a well-rounded feel, but one that is light with its fresh finish.

Something different

Chandon S – RRP $29.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS

Chandon S is a sparkling wine which has a refreshingly unexpected twist on the classic champagne cocktail. Created following the traditional French methode traditionnelle champagne making process, Chandon S adds a unique twist and has been created using seven natural, high quality, local ingredients including blood orange and navel orange peel, gentian root, fresh ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and green cardamom. A perfect addition to your outdoor gatherings or beach picnics.

La Marca Prosecco – RRP $25.00 available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

Prosecco is top of the pops when it comes to a lighter sparkling option during the summer months. The higher acidity levels make it an approachable and versatile choice. La Marca’s Prosecco from Treviso, Italy, is steeped in the history of the Glera grape providing this wine with a lean and refreshing palate, full of elegant bubbles. The bright citrus flavour combined with the gentle effervescence, makes this prosecco the perfect pairing to mild cheeses, seafood, spicy fare and fruit-filled desserts.

Grab these wines in store or on line at BWS and Dan Murphy’s.