How I cured my adult acne

July 1, 2020

How i cured my adult acne

Have you experienced a sudden onset of adult acne? Perhaps you had a change in hormones, you went off the pill or changed your diet? For someone who always had great skin, experiencing acne was a total shock. Here’s how I got it under control.


While factors that lead to hormonal acne can be quiet complex, altering your diet can help alleviate horrible breakouts. Avoiding sugar and keeping your blood sugar levels under control is an important first step! I avoided foods with a high GI, such as soft drinks, lollies and ice cream which can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and cause adult acne.

In addition, cutting down on dairy and whey protein significantly helped me clear my skin. This is because milk and dairy products promote insulin secretion and the production of hormones which is known to be a major contributor to acne. Little did I know that my daily scoop of whey protein in my breakfast oats was really affecting my skin. So, I gave it up and noticed results almost immediately!


After researching natural acne remedies, I discovered that Zinc is an essential nutrient for cell growth, hormone production, metabolism and immune function. It is also one of the most studied natural treatments for acne! Research shows that people with acne tend to have lower levels of zinc in their blood than those with clear skin. Studies have also shown that taking a zinc supplements helps reduce acne, so I gave it a go. Honestly, I am super impressed with the results! When taking supplements please speak to your doctor,  In addition, never take more than the recommended 40mg of Zinc per day.


Did you know that the hormones released during stress can increase sebum production in your skin? This can lead to acne, inflammation of the skin and increase acne severity. Stress can also slow down wound healing so you will have angrier and more inflamed spots for longer! Yuck.

To combat stress, I introduced a few simple changes to my daily routine. This includes getting more sleep, exercising more regularly rather than harder, and meditating. Not gonna lie, Coronavirus isolation definitely helped to slow my life down. I now have more time to sleep, squeeze in a lunch time walk and meditate before I start my day. While isolation has created many changes in my routine I can confidently say that slowing things down has done wonders for my mental health, my productivity and health in general. All this would have a huge contribution to clearing my skin and levelling out my hormones.


I left skincare to last because I honestly believe good health & happy skin comes down to your lifestyle. No expensive cream will ever be the magic cure until you address your diet, your sleep patterns, your water consumption and your mental and physical health. Saying that, I have discovered some incredible products that certainly do the final leg work once you address everything else.

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I shared some incredible results from ESK Evidence Skin Care. My routine included using their Hydroxy Cleanser, Smooth Serum and Ultimate A+ Cream. Together, these products provide my skin with an incredible system to deeply cleanse and exfoliate, promote skin turnover and collagen growth, increases skin elasticity, and in combination with hydroxy acids, clear acne effectively and without irritation. The Vitamin A (Retinal) and B3 (Niacinamide) cream in particular is a godsend when it comes to acne management, improving skin texture and tone plus working as a powerful anti-aging treatment.

In addition, when I need an extra boost for my skin I have been using the ESK Hydroxy Overnight Mask. A truly unique product, the Salicylic Acid-based exfoliating and hydrating leave-on night mask is great for acne-prone, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin. The mask helps to remove old skin cells while you sleep, ensuring new skin can thrive for the day ahead. As well as a mask, I’ve also been using it as a spot treatment for breakouts which significantly reduces the severity of my spots!

I’m so happy to report that I’ve finally tamed my breakouts! While it’s not totally back to normal, my skin certainly looks happy and healthy. I will continue to look for new methods to treat adult acne but for now, let me know your tips! 

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Natalia x